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Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis.Hair is one mean characteristic when it comes to defining mammals.Humans are mostly focused on hair growth,types,and how to take care of the hair.Hair contains protein which in other words known as alpha-keratin.So to take care of Natural hair entails a lot atension so you do not break or destroy the Hair,therefore to take care of Natural Hair has to do,

Firstly,the hair need a lot of water to maintain it’s moisture.There is no doubt that everytime you pour water on your Hair,you are not only doing your Hair a favour but as we helping coolness in the brain after a long day work.So this moisture helps to make the hair grow looking good.When i say water i mean fresh cold water not warm,Warm water damages Natural Hair especially those of people of color.The point is even if you are not washing your Hair everyday,make sure water go through the Hair because that is one of the best moisturiser for Hair aside Hair oils. water works on the body when and after taking your bath,it’s the same feelings with the Hair when it comes in touch with water.It’s normal to go around with your water bottle spray when ever your Natural Hair is exposed due to constant dryness.Doing protective styles after Hair treatment is the best way to maintain a healthy and good Hair texture for the people of color.

Furthermore,drinking a lot of water everyday day helps in moisturizing and cleansing in other words water is a great medication to the Human body,since Hair is part of the Human body,it also feeds through the Hair follicles thus giving the Hair too w shampoo like Reverie shampoo,Runner-Up Rahua Hydration shampoo,Acure Curiously Clarifying shampoo,Avalon Organics B-Complex Biotin Thickening shampoo,Adiva Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Herbal Rinse shater.Aside drinking water all hair types(aside Nationality)requires a good Hairampoo.Conditioners like wOW coconut and avocado hair conditioner,Herbal essence bio:renew argan oil of Morocco conditioner,Tree to Top oil for Hair conditioner,Himalayan organic Banana conditioner, just to to name a few.leave in conditioners like Eco- Friendly, Mielle organics white peony leave-in conditioner,Curly blueberry bliss reparative leave-in conditioner,shea moisture.Hair mask like the Aztec Secret mixed with Apple cider vinegar or any hair mask of your choice, Hair moisturizers like Ultra hydrating curly leave-in cream,Shea yogurt Hair moisturizer,Moisture miracle leave in cream,Olive oil and mango butter moisturizer,there are a lot it’s left for to make a choice.These products are mostly organic which are mainly for the people of color because their Natural Hair has a lot of challenges and curly too.

In addition,our diet too play’s a great role in Hair maintenance.What we eat on a daily basis has to be nutritive to have a good hair texture and growth.Foods like eggs,Berries,Spinach,Fatty fish,Sweet potatoes,Avocados,NUTS,Seeds like Chia seeds and Flax seeds.These foods play very important role in maintaining the human immune system.Having any of them on a daily base would transform your Life and Hair positively.Chia or Flax seeds can also be used as Hair mask by soaking either both seeds in warm water,then use the gel as Hair mask.Onion and Ginger juice too is one of my best DIY(Do It Yourself).onions and ginger juice makes the Hair shinny and firm,this Hair mask is good most especially for people with Hair breakage.There are so many Hair mask you can try at home to maintain a perfect Natural Hair like banana and avocado,aloe vera gel and raw honey.There is also eggs,honey and apple cider vinegar Hair  mask,coconut oil,brown sugar and any essential oil of your choice Hair mask,honey,apple cider vinegar and coconut oil hair mask,cinnamon and coconut oil Hair mask,avocado,eggs and olive oil Hair mask,lemon,and yogurt Hair mask,strawberries,egg yolk and olive oil Hair mask.There are a lot of Hair mask you can buy and others you can do yourself to have a perfect Natural Hair.

In essence,Head and Hair massage therapy the best ways to take of the Natural Hair.This should be used with the help of good Natural Hair oils like Avocado oil,Carrot oil,Olive oil,Lavender oil,Lemongrass oil,Jojoba oil,Sweet almond oil,Coconut oil,Argan oil and thes that stimulates Hair growth like Lavender essential oil,Rosemary essential oil,Lemongrass essential oil,Thyme essential oil,Ceder wood essential oil,Clary sage essential oil and Tea tree essential oil.Then for Natural Hair thickness there are oil,Argan oil,Rosemary oil,Tea tree oil,Jamaican black Castor oil and for hot oil treatments and steaming they are Grapeseed oil,hot oil treatment,calendula oil,Castor oil,just to name a few.

Finally,Hair steaming is great for infusing moisture to your Hair,keeping it sof by helping other treatments work better.In order to get best Hair out of steaming,you also need to coat your strands with appropriate deep conditioning products and suitable natural oils  like Calendula oil,Grapeseed oil,Castor oil,Avocado oil,Olive oils the ones i stated above.Hair can be steam at home by using a hot thick towel,another  thick towel placed at your back to avoid being burned,rapons like three and a rope to tie the Hair when the Hair has been treated with hot oils treatment of your choice,then place the hot towel which has been soaked with water on top of your hair.Keep for like three to four hours although others sleep with it over night to achieve a better and great result.The manner at which you comb your Natural Hair matters too a lot.The best way to comb Natural Hair is from the top to the roots that is after you have detangled the Hair with your fingers.Separating the Hair into four to ease when combing.Noted,Natural  Hair should never be comb when dry.Be sure the Hair is wet while combing to avoid damage and breakage.Natural Hair should never be slept on without a Hair scarf,that is to avoid dirts from the Hair to the pillow which can lead to another Hair or Skin  problem.Practice into these points to achieve good NATURAL HAIR.




Skincare Technician at MICAN FASHION AND BEAUTY

Am CANALIA NJUNNE , the CEO of MICAN FASHION and BEAUTY world. Am a hair stylist and when it comes to BLACK AFRICAN natural hair treatments am good. I deal with skincare products and fashion. Creating my own hair products and skincare line. My almost desire is to make black women to look more beautiful without wigs, hair relaxers nor makeup.