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COVID-19 Monthly Relief Support Allowance Initiatives by, takido.io/

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, Memoir (a takido.io company) is placing it’s users worldwide under a $10,000.00 per month income, as a Coronavirus Disease Relief Support Allowance (COVID-RSA) per each person, by letting users stream every 1second of their time, with an estimated yearly #stayhome allowance of $300,000.00++. Discover how much your time is worth on Memoir, while you #stayhome and #safelives..

The COVID-RSA campaign is initiated to help passionate individuals seeking to learn new knowledge, or to earn passive income while they #stayhomesafe exchanging UNILEX about topics they love. As Memoir empowers them to stream those human memories into cash, and get paid $10,000.00++ per month. Learn more how it works to start claiming your monthly income with .io/ today.

Since the outbreak of this very deadly coronavirus disease in late 2019. The world has experience lots of devastating moment, nameless of economic uncertainty – with over 100+ Million coronavirus confirmed cases, and counting numbers of deaths up to 2+ Million worldwide. The .io/company and its partner’s objective is to provide a peaceful and convenient #stayathome space for everyone. While financing your day-to-day life expenses wouldn’t be a matter of stress, rather a moment of joy with yourself and your family.

Initiative by, takido.io/
Coordinated by, .io/partners
Written and Published by, .io/writers
Researched by, Roy Douak Jnr.
Research Data from: WHO (World Health Organization)
Death Statistic Data from: WorldoMeter

Have any question about the COVID-RSA?
Please contact our representative directly on +1 (404) COVID-RSA.

.io/MMR text under CC-BY-SA license

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