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How to Earn Money Online — Make Money from Home with Memoir

How to Earn Money Online — Make Money from Home with Memoir

If you want to start your journey of earning money online, then this article is the best fit for you. Just read till the end and you will realize how much millions you’ve been losing in your existing lifetime. Basically, I will be sharing with you how i made my first $6k from home through Memoir.

How to earn money online is a query term over four hundred people search on Google every month, and being honest about it; many people who seek to start making their first dollar online turns to fall into the hands of numerous articles which actually mislead them in thinking that making money online is really as easy as A, B, C just as it may sound, though I’m not saying its difficult either. What I’m trying to make clear here is that; be it online or offline the moment you start thinking to make money, you should be equally thinking to put in hard work. Offcourse if making money was really that easy, you won’t have been here reading “how to make money online”… Right? And you’d probably be rich by now is making money was truly that easy as A, B, C.

I just want to be as honest as real here. If you’re looking for articles that will actually promise you how to earn millions of money online just as A, B, C; then I’m personally telling you now that this article is NOT for you and you should stop reading and don’t waste your previous time further. But offcourse if you want to read truth, honest and unbiased article that will actually show you the right door to start earning your first online money, then by the end of this article you’ll wish to tell me a big “thank you”.

Also, when you make up your mind to start making money online, don’t just think you will just dive in there and start raining millions. That is your biggest mistake number one; embarking to start earning money online is like embarking on a new journey…

“If you’re a driver, you’ll agree with me that when you’re embarking on a new journey, you don’t just speed up at that 140km/h Right?.. And why? Because you haven’t mastered that road and its curves yet”

“Same goes to you if it’s your first time to visit a pool of which you’ve never swim before, you don’t just dive into that pool and start swimming.. Right? And why? Because you haven’t swim before and you need to learn the basics of swimming.. Isn’t it?”

“That is exactly the same thing with the internet world; you don’t just dive into that online world and expect to start earning millions… Right? Offcourse yes.. Because you haven’t mastered the online route and its curves yet”

So my best advice to anyone reading this article right now, is; if you’ve never earned a dime from online before and you’re thinking to start at that 140km/h then expect to crash my dear. As a starter in every aspect in life, it’s mandatory to start at a low speed; instead of 140km/h I advise you start at 20km/h. The more you advance, you more you’ll understand and master the online routes and its curves, then you can speed up at even 240km/h if you want because at that point you understand where to speed up, where to slow down, where to overtake and so on.

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My last tip. The moment your mind hit “how to earn money online” I expect your mind to also hit “what knowledge do i need to start earning money online” and lastly “how much time do i need to put in to start earning money online”… Again i will say.. money is money; whether you earn it from online or offline. One thing for sure that i know is; for one to earn Money, they must put in their Knowledge + their Time which happens to be the basics of becoming rich, coupled together with hard work, dedication, persistence, faith and believe.

If money was truly easy to get. You would’ve been rich before now. You and I know this.

How to Make Money from Home with Memoir

With that being said above and elaborated at my level of English understanding, I will now happily share with you how i made my first $6k from home through Memoir (again.. I say, I am able to earn upto $6k monthly because I’m navigating the online world at a reasonable low speed rate) on my own level. So if you’re still at your starting point, its sure you might earn below my range and if you’re experience with the online world of money making, then consider Memoir to be a game changer for you as you’re guaranteed to earn as much millions as your mind can grasp.

First, what is Memoir? It’s a knowledge streaming platform developed by a series of scientist, programmer, engineers and online billionaires with an objective to help advance the online money making ecosystem both for starters like you, mid-experience like me, and for experience pros who’re already earning millions of dollars on the platform.

How exactly will you make money on Memoir? You simply stream your knowledge. That’s it. The site works similar like YouTube, just as YouTube pays creators $0.0015 per view; Memoir equally pays its creators $0.01 per stream. If you do a quick calculation; you will realize Memoir pays higher than YouTube.

Okay for example:

1 Million YouTube views = $1,500.00 USD

1 Million Memoir streams = $10,000.00 USD

If you’ve recently be hitting your head on where and how to make money from home, then per my experience I will highly recommend Memoir to you on a 100% basis, where you just need three things to start earning your first dollar$ right away (1) your internet connect (2) your computer or phone (3) your knowledge. Your knowledge is actually served as goods or services, therefore you’re allowed to earn as much money as your knowledge can drive you; unlike on society today where many people can’t even boost of a $1000 meanwhile they have piles of knowledge in their head yet can’t even find a job.

Good thing about Memoir is; you actually don’t need any setup, no registration fee and other stressful processes some sites let you go through just to start earning your first cash on the internet.

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Here’s How I Make my Money from Home on Memoir

As am a hairstylist and strategist at Vero Beauty. I possess a lot of knowledge on everything concerning of human natural hair from its birth to its death. Therefore I stream my hair knowledge on a 1:1 dedicated private session by nurturing thousands of seekers around the world who seek my knowledge to grow, treat, and care for their natural hair. Most of my clients being blacks as I specialist on that hair type, so if you’re a black person (man or woman) reading this, I can transform your hair to anything you desire or can imagine. It’s my passion, I feel good doing it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So how much exactly do I make online on Memoir? I am currently earning between $6,210.00 to $16,000.00 monthly but in a fluctuating basis by simply streaming my knowledge on thoughts related to my topics of expertise both on (public knowledge sharing where I earn $0.01/stream) and on a (dedicated 1:1 private session where most of my revenues come from).

If you’re reading this now… Signup your free account and start earning your first dollar online today.

After really doing my passion and getting paid tons of cash, all only from my knowledge, I started seeing this site like a magic for real because your knowledge is automatically converted to your bank account. Because I never could ever imagine I can make this much money from hair? I was like wtf.. Memoir is actually my life savior and I’ve decided to share and elaborate this process to anyone who will ever thing of making money online. Memoir will save your life.

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Should you have any personal question in mind, Stream My O3T. I will guide you on how to earn money online with Memoir at the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Emilia Ayuan

Emilia Ayuan

Hairstylist | Strategist @ Vero BEAUTY

Emilia Ayuan - is a hairstylist & strategist. Travels @ 41.33 miles — high

Stream her O3T knowledge at $495/hr

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