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5 Easy Ways How You Can Make 10,000 dollars in a Month with Memoir – For Beginners

5 Easy Ways How You Can Make 10,000 dollars in a Month with Memoir – For Beginners

Making money, and on time is the recent trend of lifestyle as we speak. Off course every single person need money, if not small – at least a large sum for that matter. But then, many people are searching on the internet how to make 10000 dollars in a month, while some are searching how to make 10000 in a day. In this article, I will show you how to make 10000 dollars in a month by simply writing and publishing content on Memoir. Now imagine needing $10K within a month and actually make it just within 11 days or the same day. Read this article right to the last sentence, to absorb every piece of knowledge I’ll be sharing with you.

In a snippet, I will list below the various ways you can make 10,000 dollars in a month;

  • Answer People Questions on Air
  • Write and Publish Articles on Encyclo
  • Turn Ideas Into Money on O3T
  • Trade Assets You Make on Marketplace
  • Write a Book (Fly like a butterfly)

*Snippet’s BONUS – Promote Others Products (assets/books).

Before we start, I’m aware that you know $10,000.00 USD is not peanut’s money. It’s a tangible amount of money and can NEVER be made with an empty head. If you’re looking for miracle money, perhaps you should go to church. But if you’re actually looking for a place where you can work for $10,000 then this article is curated for you. So if you agree with me on the previous statement, then you will equally agree with me that, to make money you actually need to invest the following, ( “time, knowledge, and passion”).

Answer People Questions on Air:

On AIR you can answer people questions by dropping your thinkings on people’s thoughts. This is similarly just as putting your knowledge in bet for cash. You simply browse the catalog of memoir topics and collections, pick questions you have answers to, and answer them accordingly.

This will have a lot to play with your passion, I highly recommend you choose topics you’re passion about, that way you will feel an ease of flow while answering your passionate questions.

Once you find your topics of interest and answer them by dropping your thinking on them, it enables users and other web visitors to read and stream your thinkings which in tend gets you paid $10,000.00 per 1 million streams. Good thing is; others are getting 1 million streams in less than a month, which means they are able to make $10,000+ dollars in a month.

Write and Publish Articles on Encyclo:

You’ve probably heard of google, facebook, amazon, and apple as the world’s top internet companies, but have you heard of takido.io? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, takido.io is the world’s largest resourceful insights platform ( “also known as RIP” ) that offers a human brain operating system tool known as Memoir – which pays you $10,000 for streaming your 1 Million seconds ($10K for 11 days).

Content writing is a real life narrative, reasons why it should be paying you $10,000 every month. Perhaps you may be wondering why I said “content writing is a real life narrative” Yes, offcourse i did say so because real life is known as anything our two eyes can see. For example, the first thing you probably pick in the morning when you wake from your bed is your phone, and whatever you read on that screen is what will make you feel happy or sad. Off course, its content written by someone (a human). You then read it, absorb it; it then becomes your real life experience.

Now, with Encyclo; not only you get paid $5.00 each time you click publish. You also make $10,000 for every 1 Million of your seconds streamed, for teaching people and sharing your passion with them through content writing. Good thing is; this is autopilot money, and your $10,000 monthly payout is unlimited. Probabilities are, if you make $10,000 this month, next month you’ll possibly make 45% more of your last month $10,000 dollars earned.

Turn Ideas Into Money on O3T (SAME DAY):

Memoir O3T is a powerful ideas streaming tool, powered by takido.io that will turn your instant ideas into money. How this works is that, you list your valuable ideas as a secret or encrypted memoir (knowledge). Possibly, an idea or secret than can help change someone’s situation on a timely manner. O3T lets you connect with anyone in the world on a 1:1 real-time session to let them stream from your secret or encrypted knowledge at your cost.

With O3T connect; you can Turn Ideas Into Money today, tomorrow, or this month, by selling your knowledge on demand to over 7 billion people willing to pay good $$ for valuable ideas. O3T connect empowers you to make 5X $10,000 every month.

You just need to equate your Memoir = Money and you’re ready with $10K to spend today.

Trade Assets You Make on Marketplace:

You can testify better about forex and bitcoin traders, and how wealthy most of them are. The same goes with Memoir assets, also known as ( “.io/ assets – which consist of TRP, MMR, and IOC” ). They are valuables earned in the takido.io community by people around the world who stream’s their memoir on topics they LOVE. With these assets, you can sell, trade, or exchange them on the takido.io trading platform.

However; if you’re new to the site and haven’t earned any assets yet. You can buy and sell assets for maximum profits. Buying and selling memoir assets has made thousands of people millionaires, and still giving birth to new millionaires and billionaires aliens every day. The memoir assets is regarded the world’s most valuable assets as it is the accumulations of real life time + knowledge + money combined and compressed together to form a piece of asset.

So, you can buy a piece of asset as low as $8.00 to resell at your price, based on current market demand. The trading of memoir assets has forced over 70% of forex and bitcoin traders to switch their table, as assets trading is less time consuming and yield high profits than other valuables trading. Which therefore guarantee you of making your first $10,000 dollars in a month by simply trading time, knowledge, or both with a low investment budget.

Write a Book (Fly like a butterfly):

If you’ve ever read a book, then I tell you today, that you read the code, language, emotion, translation and demonstration of the author or better still “writer”. And if you know better, you will know 90% of today’s billionaires have read one or two books. Which in other hand, it means – reading valuable books helps people become billionaire or reach their dreams.

Now, imagine you are the writer of that ?? book that helped ??? became a billionaire. How much will your bank account weigh if the reader’s bank account is weighing billions of dollars. I guess your bank account will over weigh and YOU will Fly like a butterfly. Right?

Memoir creators who write books, Fly like a butterfly. A good example is Lisa Cartwright. who is a writer turned author. She self-published various short books through Amazon and Takido. Today, she makes over $7,000 per month from her books. But I am sure if she wanted to know how to earn $10000 per month she could easily increase her online earning.

Maybe you have a story to tell or a subject to explore – you may want to consider writing books. Before you refuse, bear in mind that they don’t need to be of any specific length or style, and you don’t have to be the #1 specialist in the field.

Writing a book isn’t simple, but this is an exceptionally good road to take if you’re not really in audio, video, or merchandise.

Steve Scott, who makes over $40,000 a month from selling his published books, can be a great example of self-publishing paying off.

*BONUS – Promote Others Products:

Perhaps you were reading this article on how to make $10,000 dollars in a month, and telling yourself – that you have nothing to write about, nothing to sell, nothing you can craft with your own hands nor any exclusive know-how worth sharing?

If none of the 5 methods listed above resonate with you, you should definitely consider diving into the world of affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to get overly creative nor have any special skills. All you need to do is to promote existing assets, books, and products that were already created or produced by someone else, by telling your friends, colleagues, and family, or to unkown people via the internet.

The scheme is really simple. When you promote a product and the customer purchases through your referral link, you receive a commission. Commissions can be either a fixed rate or a percentage from a total purchase price.

This is what Pat Flynn is known for. She is a top affiliate at BlueHost and TCloud. She is making good amount of money by referring new customers to sign up and host their website with BlueHost and TCloud. This referral program pays her $30,000-$40,000 per month, depending on the volume of sales she referred (generated).

Of course, this is not an average result, most people don’t make even a fraction of that income, but it’s a good example of potential income that someone else managed to harness. The advantage hosting companies have is that their affiliate program payouts can be anywhere from $50 to $200 per referral. This kind of money can only be seen in top affiliate marketing programs.

Also, If you have an already established audience, then making $10,000 dollars in a month will be easier for you by simple referring 100,000 users to sign up for a free memoir account, with possibilities to make more $42,000 if just 1000 of your free referred users decides to upgrade their accounts to premium, as you’ll get paid $42.00 as commission payment for each upgraded user.

This memoir promotion or affiliate marketing program has turned most bloggers, creativist, and passionate individuals to make over $20,000 dollars in a month conveniently and consistently. Keep in mind that making $10,000 dollars in a month requires the combination of a little bit of passion, knowledge, and time.

Igor Nicholai

Igor Nicholai

BigData Researcher and Creator

Igor Nicholai - is a BigData Researcher and Creator @takido.io PASSIONATE about WORDS. Travels @ 44.11 miles — high.

Stream his O3T knowledge at $1.1/session at midnight 00:00

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