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Top South African Foods You Have To Try

Top South African Foods You Have To Try

South Africa, known for our love of soccer, beautiful scenery and of course our delicious foods. We have a wide variety of dishes which are very popular among the people, there are many great delicacies in our country, however here is a small compilation of what we think every person has to try when in S.A. So if you have been or are intending to travel to South Africa, then here is a top 10 list of foods which you have to try while on your travels. This list has been compiled by the young and old. We hope you try it and love it.

  • Vet Koek and Mince

Vet Koek (pronounced “Fat cook”) also called “Fat Cake” or Amagwinya (Ama-gwen-ya), it is a very traditional and delicious food item which has been made by many mothers across South Africa since the good ‘old’ days. Vet Koek is a dough made from flour, yeast, salt and a little water, which is deep fried until brown and crispy. It is then filled with mince, which can however, be substituted with jam (for a great breakfast) as well as any other filling of your choice, including samoosas, yes you read that correctly, recently many people have been adding their samoosas as filling in the Vet Koek and it is delicious! You can also have the Vet Koek plain, without any filling, which is how many people like it. Vet Koek is also one of the many ways which South African women earn a living, many of them sell Vet Koek from home or at street corners and taxi ranks to support their families, so when you buy the Vet Koek from the lady at the corner, remember you’re also helping someone build their home and support their family.


  • Snoek fish and chips


The Cape Snoek is one of the famous fish of South Africa, it is scientifically called ‘Thyrsites atun’. Snoek is a long thin silver fish which may look unreal because of its shiny skin. It is best served with a side of chips (fries). The fish is cleaned and seasoned in delicious South African flavours, dipped in a thick and creamy batter and deep fried until brown. It is then served with thick cut chips, which is also deep fried until it is slightly brown and soft. The snoek and chips are then seasoned again with just some salt and vinegar, however if you would like it to be a little spicy then some masala (chilli powder) can be added too. This is one meal which South Africans love when the weather is cold or during the rainy season. The best place to eat Snoek is in Cape Town, so be sure to head over to your nearest restaurant and order some ‘fish and chips’.


  • Boerewors

Boerewors is similar to a hot dog in a roll. Boerewors (pronounced: “Boo-re-vors”) is a traditional South African hot dog that is made from minced beef or pork, it is a type of sausage that is seasoned with coriander as well as many different spices and it also comes in many different flavors such as mild, lemon and herb as well as dynamite (very spicy). Boerewors is fried on low heat in shallow oil and then served in a hot dog roll, it can also be barbecued together with other meat products until it is slightly brown. The best way to eat it is from the braai (barbecue), hot and crispy. The word Boerewors comes from the South African words “Boer” (farmer) and “Wors” (meat), another word for it is “Boerie”. In fact we even have our very own Boerewors competition to try and find the best and delicious boerie in town.



A South African blogger who loves travelling, learning more about people, places and trying out different things. A food lover who enjoys sharing her recipes with the world.

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