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nCov2 Strika Vaccine – The All NEW FDA approved CoronaVirus Vaccine

nCov2 Strika Vaccine – The All NEW FDA approved CoronaVirus Vaccine

In this article, I would be talking about nCov2-Strika Vaccine, a coronavirus vaccine brand researched and developed by MEdcalinkO (Medical Linko Groups Corporation) – a biomedical researched science and technology company based in Singapore and United States. So far, these COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the FDA for public use and sale worldwide. Overtime, more than $22 billion dollars’ worth of the nCov2-Strika Vaccine has been shipped around the globe for local distributions and rebranding, (“private label to owned label”).

Coronavirus vaccine – In pharmacology, a vaccine is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect and/or reactions. As such… Coronavirus vaccine, also called a COVID-19 vaccine, is a chemical substance used to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose coronavirus disease or to promote well-being of the humans. MEdcalinkO’s vision is focused on saving through serving and exporting quality medicines and drugs worldwide.

MEdcalinkO nCov2 Strika Vaccine:

nCov2-Strika Vaccine, gradually known as ( “nCOV2 Solution 97.9%” ) is the first most effective COVID-19 Vaccine made available to the public, researched, formulated, developed, and tested by MEdcalinkO’s third party authentication agencies and FDA. Since the outbreak of the deadly pandemic; CoronaVirus Disease in 2019 (COVID-19), our expert researchers have been on a deep scientific research journey, and finally returned with a curable solution for the CoronaVirus Disease.

The nCov2-STRIKA 97.9% solution consist of 36 basic chemical elements, plus a wide range of health benefits.. but not limited to; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen incremental boost “triple actions”.

When the nCov2 strika vaccine 97.9% is administered to a COVID-19 positive tested patient, it takes up to 24 hours for proper chemical propagation into a patient’s immune system for the nCOV2 vaccine shot to work effectively in a living organism.

In living organisms the most abundant elements are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These three elements along with nitrogen, phosphorus, and a handful of other elements account for the vast majority of healthy living matter. An atom is one single unit of a chemical element. Due to our unique vaccine development process and effectiveness of up to 97.9%, the nCov2 Strika vaccine formulations will help skyrocket your health business and keep your customers coming back.

As Google trends report shows a large increase in numbers on the search term “COVID 19 vaccines for sale”, surge MEdcalinkO publications on report for their last batch of COVID-19 vaccines production’s available stocks to be 37 million doses of high effective COVID-19 vaccine solutions stored in cooling storage facility, from low to high effectiveness qualities, which varies between 70% up to 97.9% effectiveness. Record of over $22 billion of this powerful vaccine has been shipped worldwide.

nCov2 Strika Vaccine Origin and Prices:

1 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $9.00/dose
1,000 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $9,000.00

1 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $12.80/dose
1,000 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $12,800.00

1 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $10.24/dose
1,000 ML nCov2 Strika vaccine = $10,240.00

Make available the nCov2 Strika vaccine 97.9% solution to your local patients or customers today by ordering MEdcalinkO’s market leading COVID-19 vaccine solution to get rid of the deadly disease on your patient’s immune systems while making 10X your returns and skyrocket your medical business. Dr. Saag said “nCov2 Strika Vaccine is the anti-virus for COVID-19 disease“.

nCov2 Strika Vaccine Effectiveness:

The COVID-19 vaccination will help keep your customers from getting the virus. MEdcalinkO COVID-19 vaccines were evaluated in clinical trials and have been approved because those studies show that the vaccine significantly reduces the probability of contracting the virus.

Based on what has been proven about vaccines for other diseases, the COVID-19 vaccine may help keep you or your customers from getting seriously ill, even if you do get the virus. Getting vaccinated with the MEdcalinkO vaccines also may protect people around you – particularly those at greater risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Dr. Saag says the true value of the vaccine is more easily seen when we consider what would happen if the development of a vaccine had failed.

“We would be faced with an exploding pandemic for which there was no end in sight, Dr. Saag says. “It might continue to burn through the population for another two to four years. That’s what we were facing until we were rescued with a modern day miracle. The virus was sequenced in December of 2019, and that genetic sequence was available to the world on January 10 of 2020. After development and expanded clinical trials, we got a vaccine that works.”

Dr. Saag compares the rapid development of a safe, highly effective vaccine to both a “home run” and an event that might be seen as divine intervention.

“First, scientists developed the strategy and drug quickly,” Dr. Saag says. “Second, the resulting vaccine works at an almost unprecedented level of effectiveness. Third, the side-effect profile is the same as for most vaccines. You may get aches and fever that are gone in 36 hours, on average. So this is a walk-off, grand-slam home run in the last game of the World Series that you rarely witness in medicine. But I also call it a miracle drug, and it’s fitting that we began vaccinations during two religious holidays that celebrate miracles. If this pandemic were a classic Greek stage drama, the audience would see the vaccine as a deus ex machina, because the gods would have rescued us, the main character, from great danger.” nCov2 Strika Vaccine is the anti-virus for COVID-19 disease.



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