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Discover How to Get your Secret Questions Answered and Potential Monetization

Discover How to Get your Secret Questions Answered and Potential Monetization

Ever had a question popped in your head, which just wasn’t answerable by searching Google? Yes, that’s obvious; mostly they’re known as secret knowledge which can’t just be found on Google or any other search engine just like that. Why? because the holders of those knowledge value their information and will never share it freely on open search engines just as random – it has happened to me on several occasions, which is what lead me to discover Memoir, and I’m here to share the good news with you; read on, as I’ll be sharing with you how this powerful platform can provide insightful solutions to both your publicly questions as well as private or secret questions with accurate facts’ that’s if you’re a seeker, seeking for valuable information.

And if you’re a creator with valuable knowledge, then Memoir is potentially a powerful space for you to monetize your time and knowledge with estimated earnings somewhere between US$10/mo and above including some endless possibilities, accessibilities, and features to fill your bank account with the right amount of money you deserve for your valuable knowledge. Please keep in mind this article will be focused on seekers (people who’re seeking a reliable platform to get their most valuable and secret questions answered). However; if you’re a creator (someone with valuable knowledge to share, then scroll below this article and start reading where you see Features and Monetization:

Without wasting much of your time. Have you ever had doubts about superstitions or about stereotypes and wanted to know the truth from relevant people? Ever really wonder how the world came into existence? Well all these questions and many more pop in our heads from day to day.

We all are curious about things and want to know people’s opinions on that particular matter. The question that pops in your head can be about a million different things. It can simply be about why your relationship is not working and you seek knowledge on how to hold it tide or maybe financial problems and you seek knowledge about how to attain financial freedom, perhaps how to mine Bitcoin? The whole context depends on you. The whole wealth of knowledge is not in a single person but rather distributed among humans, that’s why it’s important to take opinions of different people. Which lead us in discovering Memoir – as it’s a memory streaming platform, coordinating data and information from human minds and making them available as a resource to their users.

These questions, you can’t Google. Simply because you want different opinions, answers, and even different meanings from different people around the world all in one place. As more people share their opinions, the exact answer you’re looking for starts getting clearer to you. But where do you find such a platform where your questions are answered from people with diverse backgrounds, expertise and unique life experience? Which platform offers such services with a neat user interface? Well we know just a platform to cater to your needs and that’s Memoir. This powerful application provides you not just a platform where you can release your questionable thoughts, but much more than that. It gives you the option to acknowledge the valuable information you receive on your questions and show your gratitude to the creator by simply streaming their knowledge.

Being a Memoir creator, you express your general opinion by either dropping a response or better still conduct a voting poll about any specific published question. The question can be about a million different things. The opinion you want to express can also be about any specific topic. Any trend or scandal that’s trending, you can express your views about it’ which in turns provide insights solution to the seeker.

The good thing I so much love about Memoir is that, every registered user has the ability to release a question or drop a response, giving it a dynamic user experience as anyone who provides valuable information and receives a stream equally gets a paycheck – that’s they believe you can be an expert in sex topics, but a learner in financial topics. Thus allowing you to monetize your sex knowledge, while seeking knowledge on finance from financial experts.

Sections and Use Cases:

Memoir serves its users via many use cases from someone seeking for a solution just about anything thinkable by human – from business, money, relationship, technology, entertainment to someone wanting to learn a certain philosophy. The use cases are endless. Starting from the key point of the platform which is to ask questions; seek opinion; seek meaning of specific words or phrases.

Question: Simply publish your question with relevant field that it relates to and you’re done. The other people of the community from other end of the world will be able to view your question. Say you wanted some relationship answers. You would post your question about the specific topic and have it answered by relationship experts. Instead of pondering on your own thoughts, simply post your question and start streaming directly from human knowledge on your worried topic in forms of answers with facts in written, graphic and video from passionate experts in other end of the world who have witness your current situation in their own unique life experience. This allows an exchange of UNILEX which is equal to knowledge in a simple yet innovative manner. Thus Memoir is a simple memory streaming application.

Opinion: Other than asking questions, AIR allows you to take opinions of people in the form of voting system. Say you can’t decide between buying a PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. Just post your voting poll on AIR and wait for the people of community to vote which is best and state why. Just like this you can have a poll about anything you want. This is just an example. The possibilities are endless and depend entirely on you.

Phrase: The third use of AIR is to allow you to express your views or meaning about anything. The topic can be about absolutely anything such as the latest technology to protests going on worldwide. Posting your thoughts or your ideology is simple too. The other people of the community will be able to view your thought and comment about it. This enables knowledge sharing among a wide range of people (network thinking). If someone doesn’t resonate with your thought, they can simply down vote your post or thought. Say you are in favor of communism. You would simply post your thoughts with reasons and logic. The other people would be able to see and react to it either positively or negatively by expressing their own thoughts in the comments section. The total votes will show how many people liked your thoughts or thinking. This in return increases your wealth of knowledge, and expanding your bank account through Memoir Cash Rewards.

Easy Accessibility:

Using Memoir is very simple and easy. The interface is very user friendly and simple to navigate around. Getting started with Memoir is pretty easy, Just fill out some basic user details and you’re ready to go. If you want to avoid the hassle of filling out details, you can simply log in through your Facebook account. Memoir doesn’t post anything on your behalf so you need not worry about that. Once signed up, you’re ready to go.

Once you log in, the first home screen appears before you. Simply navigate through the tabs on top or the buttons on the side. Posting your firs question is really easy. The text box appears on the first page. Simply enter the question title, along with the category it belongs to. Next enter some tags relating to your question. Tags make users to find your question easier. You also have the option to upload an image relating to your question, discussion or poll.

[Success Furtive: Achieve Everything you Really Want in Life.]

Finally at the bottom you’ll find a big text area with basic editing tools. Enter your question or discussion in detail and edit the text. Make your question look neatly edited so users naturally are drawn to read your question. It got all the basic tools to edit your text.

Before publishing your question you have the ability to post it as yourself (with your name publicly shown) or post it anonymously (ghost mode). If for whatever reason you’re shy, simply post it anonymously so users can respond to it without knowing who asked the question. Hit the “Publish Your Question” button and you’re done!

Features and Monetization:

MEmoir’s amazing knowledge streaming platform brings with it some powerful distinct features and monetization abilities too for its users. Every user of the platform are allowed to use the platform to learn new knowledge, share public knowledge and equally monetize their secret knowledge on-demand through a 1:1 dedicated session which is actually the platform’s core feature.

User Features: You can view questions organized in order of recent questions, most answered questions, answered questions, most visited, popular streams and not answered. This makes browsing Memoir fairly easy. Previously discussed, you have the option of anonymity. Meaning you can ask question without showing yourself (known as Memoir Ghost Mode). This helps shy people ask anything without concern of people judging them. So what are you waiting for? Go ask your deepest and secret questions and enhance your wealth of knowledge. Go to MEMoir right away and start your journey!

User Monetization: Memoir monetization enables you to earn good money somewhere between US$10/mo and above, from simply streaming your knowledge with platform users, get premium support, and even more…

Streaming your knowledge on Memoir is as simply as sharing your UNILEX (Unique Lives Experiences) between seekers and you “creators”. Whereby seekers seek for solutions by asking a question, while creators provide solutions by responding to those questions from their unique knowledge.

The process of streaming is actually the act of casting votes on either a question or an answer.

Where a stream is equal to $0.01 USD (Therefore if a user gets 1M streams, they receives a US$10k paycheck) respectively once they request a withdrawal.

The platform works similar like YouTube.

Just as YouTube pays creators $0.0015 per view, Memoir equally pays its creators $0.01 per stream.

If you do a quick calculation; you’ll realize Memoir pays higher than YouTube.

See an example here:

1 Million YouTube views = $1,500.00 USD

1 Million Memoir streams = $10,000.00 USD

Hundreds of thousands of people are monetizing their knowledge on Memoir everyday with an estimated platform monthly payout of about $1.4m inclusive of O3T sessions streaming fees, this is the revolutionary site that’s turning people to young millionaires without the need to buy or sell any products.

Distinct  Benefits:

Memoir being a leading knowledge streaming platform, which means it will have billions of users with billion interests. And those interests are all breakdown into three main categories, namely; knowledge, money, and ROI.

Everyone who visits Memoir never leaves empty handed, as they clearly mentioned and explained the world is classified in three stages, and wherever or whoever you’re; it certain you must be found in one of those stages just as enumerated below.

Their stages and benefits go as thus;

  • Seekers; visit Memoir and leaves with “Knowledge”.
  • Creators ; visit Memoir and leaves with “Money”.
  • Brand Owners; visit Memoir and leaves with “ROI”.

As proclaimed by the founder – in his recent interview in Cape Town, SA; he mentioned that his goals and dreams from childhood have always been to make the world a better place for everyone.

Then he said; I now feel accomplish as my dreams and wishes have come to a reality as I finally found a tool that can reward each and every living human under the surface of the planet earth.

Hules Catherine

Hules Catherine

Writer | Mother of 2 (TSMA Manager)

Hules Catherine - is a writer and storyteller. Travels @ 94.71 miles — high

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