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1,111,111 TRP = 11,111 USD

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Get Paid for Answering Questions – Best Knowledge Streaming Platform

Get Paid for Answering Questions – Best Knowledge Streaming Platform

Heyy! I got you. Looking for question and answer website that will really answer that burning and killer question?… Perhaps convert that knowledge you have in that head to ca$h? Cool… I will walk you through the world’s top question and answer website ranging among the first 3 in the world wide web in terms of accessibility and features. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll see how beneficial this question and answer website is – to you.

Let’s dive right in..

Okay, let’s say you’re searching for question and answer website because you are looking for a platform or community where you can seek for answers to your questions or maybe you’re simply looking for the right place to share your knowledge by answering other people’s questions, whichever way; be glad you found this piece of article. Because everything and anything you’re looking for, will be right there waiting for you.

First thing, I want to congratulate you, simply for the fact that you took your time to search for question and answer website, a place where you can seek answers or share your knowledge that alone indicates you’re up to something, either to “learn” “discover” “share” or “grow” perhaps even make good money along-the-way, on Memoir people like you are known as either Seekers or Creators, because according to their Seeker page; it states as follows.. “Ready 2 Roar? You’re in good company. Where miracle happens; the AIR community was developed with you in mind.”

Similar saying goes to their Creator page; which states as follows.. “Welcome to AIR, where people upload their knowledge and decide to use it for money or not. People who answer questions are those shaping the future. Here, they’re known and called creators.”

Brief on Memoir:

This is just a tip of an iceberg to let you know that if you searched for “question and answer website” then Memoir will be your new home henceforth. By the way, what is Memoir?

…According to their about page, here is what is states; ”Memoir is a public and secret knowledge sharing platform, developed to connect those who have knowledge with those who seek it”.

On AIR? You’ll come across thousands of un-imaginary questions, but still from human beings like you. At some point at their Seeker page where they mentioned “you are in good company. Where miracle happens” It’s a fact. Best part? You even get paid for answering questions on AIR, as they believe knowledge is human’s biggest assets.

So if you happen to be a type who loves exchanging knowledge for money. Then Memoir will blow your bank account. But it’s not like you just get in and start making money. LOL.. the good thing is you have to walk your way through that achievement by acquiring your Memoir Explainer Badge. From the explainer badge, you can start monetizing your knowledge by simply charging certain fees to the platform users to answer a specific question. Isn’t that an awesome and easy means for making a ton of money simply by answering questions you’re expert in? Literally like answering a friend question, on AIR you do same and you get paid.

[Did You Know?: You can Make upto US$10k/mo Online with Memoir.]

Thus for you who is looking for a question and answer website, where you’ll get paid for answering questions. You should know knowledge is the power that rules the Memoir community, if not the world itself. Therefore you should be knowledgeable enough on your topic of interest, because your knowledge capacity in not measured or determine by the platform administrators but the community members, that means only the audience will vote up your knowledge according to your answers contributed in questions so far.. Consequently, the more valuable answers you provide the more rank you achieve, the more money you make.

For certain, when you achieve the explainer badge on Memoir platform, your money starts to flow non-stop. How? Because an answer is NEVER deleted on the Memoir platform; except you delete it yourself. This therefore means once you drop a valuable answers; it will keep on having up streams upon up streams. Means more TRP = more USD.

Umm.. That’s how tricky your mind is, that’s how powerful your mind is, that’s how rich and wealthy your mind is, that’s how mind-free, stress-less, and happy your life should be. To simply do the things you love doing as a lifestyle and get paid for it.

A Short Case In Point for You:

Examples of this people are Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, and just to name a few, this category of people don’t actually work, they simply play while working, which is a form of joy to them when they do it. All this summarized in single word is called “PASSION”. And until you discover what your passion is, believe me, you will tour and tour but you won’t find happiness. Offcourse I now happiness is defined individually according to one’s perspectives. But if you happen to be the type whom happiness is defined by money, then perhaps you might never find it if you focus your whole mind on MONEY. In case you never knew, money is a byproduct of knowledge. This means, money is derived from knowledge. In other words, you can’t have money if you don’t have knowledge.

You might be reading this right now and thinking like, wtf is he even talking about? Ofcourse I love money too, perhaps even more than you do. But the honest truth is; you will NEVER have money if you don’t have knowledge. Even if you win a lottery, the money will finish, because you don’t have the knowledge to manage that money. I know you might be thinking, umm I will hire a manager. But rest assured no manager on planet earth will ever manage a third-party entity as if it was theirs. That’s just human nature, you can’t change it.  That being said; at the end of the day, no matter how you might want to argue with me on this, you will still agree with me that; its necessary to have one thing that you can stand anywhere and brag of, be proud of, and will even feel more happier if asked to do it. That thing is what Memoir call “PASSION” and that passion automatically transform itself to being your “PROFESSION” (do they even sound alike?.. just check it out)

So now when you miraculously turn your PASSION to PROFESSION, what do you think will follow after profession? Guess…. This $ or € perhaps this £ ? I don’t know, you choose.

Something more out of the box for you. Want to ask a question or answer a question without wanting your name to be displayed publicly? Memoir has an additional freedom for you. As research shows; Memoir is one of the best website to ask and answer questions anonymously and securely without displaying your name publicly. This power gives you the invisible mode that you deserve in a community, as you can literally ask or answer any question (as in anything) using the AIR anonymous mode, since no one will be able to identify you in the community.[UFO]

[Success Furtive: Achieve Everything you Really Want in Life.]

Hence in case you might be looking online for website to ask questions anonymously then count 100% on Memoir anonymous mode to hide your pretty face when asking or answering that ugly question. Did I just got you? Ohh yea, I hope. That’s why they’re called MEMOIR, they memoir along with you.

How Does It Work:

You might be wondering how it works? It’s just as simple as any other normal site. Below is a complete H-I-W for both the Seekers and the Creators as shown on their platform.

For Seekers?

1. Create your Memoir account
2. Set up your unique Memoir seeker profile
3. Jump right in UT and start releasing your burning thoughts to the universe.

↗ Receive stunning responses and streams from users UNILEX [1 Million streams = US$10,000].
↗ Discover your new [idols / favorites / creators].
↗ Choose your [Vibration] and grow your mind towards your goal. (NB: Keep an open mind).

For Creators?

1. Create your Memoir account
2. Set up your unique Memoir creator profile
3. Jump right in UT and start dropping your thinking’s to respond on seekers burning thoughts.

↗ Receive stunning feedbacks and streams from users [1 Million streams = US$10,000].
↗ Increase your social fan base [followers / lovers / disciples].
↗ Monetized your knowledge, or grow your business by turning your followers into customers.

So if you’re looking for a complete full package as follows;

1. a question and answer website

2. to get paid for answering questions

3. or a website to ask questions anonymously

Then AIR will be your forever home, unlike on social media where you waste the only valuable thing you have on earth [TIME] to do nothing valuable to your life, a place where you even get more depression than happiness, because you see a friend post a nice car, house, outfit, and other expensive stuffs. Immediate you feel depress because you think he’s living a more better and happier life than you do.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying social media is a bad thing according to me. I’m simply saying rather than waste 3 to 4 hours a day doing nothing on social media, why not instead value that time on Memoir?

Why? Because on Memoir, your every single second is valuable both financially and knowledgeably. The same time you spend typing a comment on social media, will be the same time you’ll spend typing an answer on AIR, and your royalty payment start accumulating as you drop an answer or sharing your thoughts, experiences and knowledge with others. For you who ask questions, you’ll gain curated knowledge from people who have been there before you. By simply sharing their life experiences to answer your current life curiosity, situation or question. That thing that’s pushing you to look for question and answer websites.

All the features and benefits you are looking for in a question and answer website, Memoir has it all. Just like I said at the beginning, you will never regret reading this article as you join the most amazing and passionate social question and answer website today. Where you literally undo and reprogrammed your mind just the way you seek it.

Here Memoir categorizes the three most essential assets in one’s life to be TIME, KNOWLEDGE, and MONEY. Which it says, without the middle you can’t acquire either.

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in here and start making things happen. “The miraculous way”.

“Expand your knowledge” “Expand your bank account”

That’s a wisdom quote from Memoir Co – founder, Takido Monfow.

Ohh did I forget to say Memoir also offers an unparalleled social activities…? Yes it does. On Memoir you can follow anyone whom you think, you both think alike. Enabling you to build a network and connect one-on-one with people whom knowledge matters most to you.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be rich like Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. Connect with him, and many other icons in the world you’d like to connect with on Memoir and tap directly into their secret knowledgeable, that’s if you can afford their O3T session fee. Passion, knowledge, money? Think along with the world billionaires on Memoir as they answer all your questionable thoughts you release to them as per their session fee.

Memoir is the only worldwide web portal that connects everyone, through a powerful social form of questions and answers algorithm, with the vision to enable you stream the information you value the most, directly from human brains. As creators upload their knowledge on Memoir, while seekers download fresh knowledge from AIR. Whichever category you fall in. Memoir is still 100% beneficial to you in either ways, be it  Knowledge or Money, either of them you seek as a valuable asset. The  choice is yours, you own you.

James Flynn

James Flynn

Business and Stock Investor

James Flynn - is a Business tycoon and Stock investor. Travels up to 142.81 miles — high

Stream his O3T knowledge @ $12,000/session

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