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Discover what takido.io Online Advertising’s all About and How it Can Grow your Business exponentially

Discover what takido.io Online Advertising’s all About and How it Can Grow your Business exponentially

What is takido.io?

takido.io is a technology company, providing internet related products and services such as software, hardware, & digital advertising. With their powerful released web application known to be Memoir; a passionate oriented site founded in 2013 in the United States, that has been built on the basis of how social media platforms operate. In fact, Memoir is considered to be a “mind networking service,” as it is mainly used for passion networking streaming.

The key aspect that makes Memoir different from other social networking services is how it helps passionate individuals and entrepreneurs to match on a single platform. Here, social interactions are based on the mutual benefit obtained by both parties having access to the single biggest online data base of goals based resources.

Most of Memoir’s revenues comes from selling access to its passionate user data base to seekers, creators, entrepreneurs and large corporations. This is because people “advertise” their expertise and availability for dedicated sessions on the platform when they create a Memoir account and add their personal bios and professional experience to it.

Currently, Memoir rightfully boasts about having more than 2.9 million registered users in their platform, with over 1.7 million active users and 1.1 million of those in the United States alone. Memoir’s popularity is due to how easy the application makes it for users to display their personal bios; for creators to drop their knowledge experience and for knowledge seekers to release their questionable thoughts, which results in real world human connections.

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Memoir users are scattered among 200 countries all over the world, and the main languages spoken by Memoir users are English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and French.

The main types of personal connections that can be made through Memoir include:

  • Knowledge seeking users requesting knowledge data at a given creator through a releasing a thought at the platform;
  • Creators willing to stream their knowledge with potential seekers in the platform by dropping a thinking or through a thought search;
  • Users can follow different members and stay updates for any recently released thoughts from seekers or thinking dropped from creators;
  • Users can “Bookmark” thinking dropped for which they would like to read and absorb the knowledge at a later date;
  • Users can see who has streamed their thoughts and thinking’s and prepare for a potential 1:1 paid dedicated session to stream their memories.

What are takido.io Advertising?

takido.io ads is a way to advertise and market on the Memoir platform to a highly targeted audience made up of passionate individual and entrepreneurs that already know what is that they are after. takido.io ads are a great way to reach a global audience by promoting your particular brand, product or service right on a professional context that has been calibrated for business since day 1!

It is very probable that you had not heard about takido.io ads up until this point, and we don’t really blame you for that, because takido.io is leveraging it ads placements through Memoir most commonly known as a social media platform for passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals, and it is often overlooked when it comes to advertising because marketers and planners do not see it as a consumer-centric place.

To put it simply, marketers and planners tend to think of it as only a personal to personal platform with a smaller audience compared to what can be found by marketing on Google or Facebook, but bear with us, because we are about to blow out some facts and numbers for you to consider:

  • While it has a smaller audience when compared to Google or Facebook, consider that it still has a 2.9 million people audience, and over 1.1 million of those people are from the US alone, with a massive daily audience which can be tailored to achieve your KPI perfectly and help increase your business sales within a short time.
  • The targeting options are pretty narrow thanks to how Memoir works. It is ideal when you are looking to target people by locations, gender, age, device, role in a company, when they come online, employment status, skills and interests.
  • Professional bios contain much more up to date information than what can be found on a Facebook profile. Remember that this is a platform designed exclusively for passionate networking. Which meas that if your business is focus on selling products or services related to games or whatever – only people who are passionate with games will be your business potential customers.

What types of Ads Does takido.io Offer to Businesses?

Much like any other online advertising platform, takido.io offers you a wide variety of ad types to promote, advertise and market your brand or content. However, these types of ads are tailored to deliver personality-related material that can be of use to your intended audience, to build your brand awareness and to get more traffic, leads sales and offcourse obtain your ROI within takido.

The takido.io ads Campaign is a platform where you will be able to deliver highly relevant, targeted messages to unique audiences by using: text ads, display ads, video ads, and sponsored content. With the help of their ads specialist, which will assist you from every steps to make your ads campaign is a success are always on standby to ensure your business goals are achieved successfully.

Text Ads: Text ads have been designed to drive action on high quality leads within any budget. They are easy to create and deliver, and will allow you to stay on budget because you will be able to choose whether to pay for clicks or impressions!

Sponsored Content Ads: This type of ads will allow you to promote your content to the largest online professional network and deliver it on any desktop or mobile device. Sponsored content ads are great when you are looking to engage more people with your updates, whether by telling them about an upcoming event or by sharing a piece of written content with them. Besides Text Ads and Sponsored Contents Ads, takido.io offers you other Advertising products, such as Sponsored Thoughts Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Display Ads.

 Sponsored Thoughts ads: One of the best ways to reach the kind of people that matter the most to you and your business is by getting to them right in their Memoir notifications. “Sponsored Thoughts ads” will deliver your brand or business to your targeted audience in their Memoir app and mail notifications.

Dynamic ads: Deliver creative content through responsive display ads in the entire takido.io networks on any device. Dynamic ads will allow you to personalize your message and creative copy, to target the audiences that matter to your business and to measure your performance accordingly!

Display ads: Display ads will allow you to deliver display ad campaigns on desktop and mobile devices for optimal placement and targeted outreach. High view-ability and engagement is given, when you start delivering display ads on takido.

Takido advertising is fast becoming the top and most valuable internet advertising company next to Google. Most importantly their services are highly affordable as you can launch an ads campaign as low as $0.0002 to show your ads to 1,000 potential targeted customers and you’re also assigned with a dedicated ad account manager who works with you hand in hand to make sure your advertising campaign is a success and your return on investments (ROI) are met on time to help measure your business growth and success overtime.

Igor Nicholai

Igor Nicholai

BigData Researcher and Creator

Igor Nicholai - is a BigData Researcher and Creator @takido.io PASSIONATE about WORDS. Travels @ 44.11 miles — high.

Stream his O3T knowledge at $1.1/session at midnight 00:00

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