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How to Scale your Business with Strategic Audience and Social Media Engagement

How to Scale your Business with Strategic Audience and Social Media Engagement

What is Audience Engagement:

Audience engagement is the deliberate strategy of turning sites visitors into active participants and/or subscribers, in order to achieve the goals of both organizers and the visitors.” So now we can define it, let’s look at why it matters so much to business owners and their various types associated to it.

Types of audience engagement:

Basically, there are many types of audience engagement strategies which you can effectively used to boost your business of all time. As they turn to be more of interactive contents requesting your users to take certain actions on your site; that’s why it’s called “audience engagement”.

When it comes to the world of content marketing, your number one priority is always going to be engagement. Engagement is what separates the successes from the failures, the brilliant ideas from the thundering duds. Views are passé and frequently unreliable as a metric for measuring conversion. But engagement, the clicks and likes and comments that show potential customers genuinely interacting with your content, is a surefire way to figure out if what you’re sharing with your audience has made an impact. Fortunately, in our digital era, there are more sophisticated methods than ever for generating user engagement. One is video production, but another that takes full advantage of modern technology’s potential is these interactive content types.

Unlike static content (blog posts, PDF’s, landing pages, social media posts, etc.) that stays self-contained without the audience’s participation, interactive content produces highly-engaging experiences for potential buyers. Read this blog and watch out for the abundant engagement and/or interactive content types!


Statistics support this assertion. While only around 60% of marketers have adopted interactive content so far, its popularity has begun to rapidly spread. 93% of marketers already believe that interactive content is more effective that static content at educating potential buyers about a product or service. More importantly, interactive content has been shown to generate twice as much conversion as static content does, which means twice as much return on investment (ROI) for your brand.

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No content marketer can afford to ignore numbers like that, so why let the burgeoning field of interactive content pass you by? Here are top 5 types of interactive content that your brand can explore to engage more with audiences in a totally new way!

1. Quizzes

2. Calculators

3. Video

4. Info graphics

5. Giveaways

Social Media Management:

When it comes to social media management now a days with the rapid growing internet space, it’s becoming more and more difficult for humans to manage their entire web in real-time, based on the fact that we humans only have 24hrs a day, while online businesses runs 24hrs a day.

With this equation above, it clearly shows that; if a business owner wants to run his/her online business, it therefore means he or she will have to stay up throughout the day and night, in other to manage his online business properly. As a result of this, we all know much better that, no human can stay up 24hrs without sleeping.

Offcource, when you sleep, your online business does not sleep, which still needs to be managed while you’re at sleep. This is where the social media management tools come in handy for you.

Here, we will list 5 best social media management tools, to help you with easy management workflow.

5 best social media management tools:

1. e-clincher

2. Sprout Social

3. HootSuite

4. Buffer

5. Sendible

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Markoht Toby

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