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URL analysis for effective SERP in modern SEO and SEM

URL analysis for effective SERP in modern SEO and SEM

For effective ranking and optimal success in your business or personal SEO marketing campaigns, Google or search engines as a whole focus and consider some overlooked, minor, SEO mistakes make by SEO professionals, yet, this overlooked and minor SEO tricks are what your business competitors are using to beat you on SERP and gathering all the healthy and wealthy clients while you struggle everyday with the ones who gives you lot of stress before actually agreeing to deal, more so, on a very small order invoice amount, which is not good enough for a business growth.

Beneath here, I will list for you the three major overlooked types of URL in SEO.

The three URL types for SEO campaigns;




The last option is the best and the most preferred URL type loved by Google and other search engines, for effective SERP in modern SEO and SEM. You can rank first page, first position in Google with this strategic permalink structure within 30 days, and skyrocket your business, when a better backlink profile is build.

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Markoht Toby

Markoht Toby

Google SEO and SERP Xpert

Markoht Toby - is a professional online business and SEO Xpert. Travels @ 7.55 miles — high.

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