1 IOC = $20,000.00 USD

To have 1 IOC you need 2MMR. To have 1MMR, you need one Million TRP. Therefore to own a Cryptio coin (IOC) you will need two millions TRP. Visit Stock Market UI

I/O assets, also known as ( “.io/ assets – which consist of TRP, MMR, and IOC” ) are valuables earned in the community by people around the world who stream’s their memoir on topics they LOVE. Read our community FAQ’s page here.

1 MMR = $10,000.00 USD

Henceforth you can convert your 1 Million TRP balance into a Cryptio Gold. In this case where, 1 MMR is equal to one Million TRP earned asset. Gold label powered by Global InterGold.

We understand the inconvenience of walking around with stacks of Cash — and the insecurity it comes with it, our engineers and technologists are introducing the new Cryptio Gold coin which will enable you conveniently walk around with just a piece of 100g physical refine gold instead of $1 Million dollar cash. All takido cryptio “assets” released have imprint of your UID. Making it highly secured against theft.

1g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 1 Million TRP asset.
50g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 50 Million TRP asset.
100g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 100 Million TRP asset.

(Most important; this Cryptio Gold coin can be convertible to cash at any point of emergency or used as collateral of other valuables).

Quick Help:

How to convert TRP to USD – click hereHow to earn TRP – click here
What to do with TRP balance – click here or withdrawHow to Xchange I/O assets – click here

TRP = $0.01

MMR = $10,000.00

IOC = $20,000.00