1 IOC = $20,000.00 USD

To have 1 IOC you need 2MMR. To have 1MMR, you need one Million TRP. Therefore, to own an Iconic coin (IOC) you will need two millions TRP. Visit Stock Market UI

Baino, also known as ( “.io/ assets – which consist of TRP, MMR, and IOC” ) are valuables earned in the takido.io community by people around the world who stream’s their memoir on topics they LOVE. Read our community FAQ’s page here. Baino are naturally knowledge extracts.

1 MMR = $10,000.00 USD

Henceforth you can convert your 1 Million TRP balance into a 1g Baino Gold. In this case where, 1 MMR is equal to one Million TRP earned asset. Gold label powered by Global InterGold.

We understand the inconvenience of walking around with stacks of Cash — and the insecurity it comes with it, our engineers and technologists are introducing the new I/O Gold piece which will enable you conveniently walk around with just a piece of 100g physical refine gold instead of $1 Million dollar cash. All Baino “assets” released have imprint of your ETn. Making it highly secured against theft.

1g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 1 Million TRP asset.
50g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 50 Million TRP asset.
100g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 100 Million TRP asset.

(Most important; this Baino assets can be convertible to cash at any point of emergency or used as collateral of other valuables).

1 TRP = $0.01 USD

TRP is a baino currency, currently a new kind of money that is structured upon fiat and crypto, valued in binaural power. It is mined or earned by simply answering to questions you know and love, on IO community [Memoir].


Quick Help:

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What to do with TRP balance – click here or withdrawHow to Xchange baino assets – click here

TRP = $0.01

MMR = $10,000.00

IOC = $20,000.00