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Practical Steps to Follow for Joining the Illuminati BROTHERHOOD

Practical Steps to Follow for Joining the Illuminati BROTHERHOOD

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Join the Illuminati and become rich and famous. Contact an authorized Illuminati master today for your joining form.

I would be luring you in this piece of my Memoir encyclo how to join illuminati, and become an illuminati member. Yes, you can join the illuminati too, and the most exciting thing about this is – you can equally join illuminati online nowadays since we’re already living in the year 2021.

(21st Century) right…?

Now, before I proceed to educate you how to join the illuminati, I would like to take a recap on exactly – what is the illuminati, which I sincerely believe is the million dollars question out there.

The illuminati is a recognized name given to a particular group of people in the society, who’re allegedly known to be ruling the world, to due the amount of knowledge they possesses. Some of this knowledge contains human confidential, secret and top secret information.

Since knowledge is widely known as facts to be power, in history, the illuminati members uses these secret knowledge, or better still known as (encrypted knowledge) to influence the outer world, in you.

Most of the illuminatiams are people with at least from fourth to seventh chakras human species.

But from history of English language which originated from Greek, it appears the origin of the word “illuminati” comes from the English word “Illumination” meaning “Light”. The illuminati was discovered in the 15th Century. It has passed down a six century history of protecting and helping the human species find light, through enlightenment, which in turn helps to provide you with all your wants and needs in life.

Practically two years ago from this day, at the Miami Beach, a random friend from Italy, asked me “why do people join the illuminati?”, and my respond to him was too brief in few words. I said people join the illuminati for money, fame, power, protections, and many other physical and metaphysical benefits.

How to Join Illuminati to Become an Illuminati Member

Here below I will clearly list for you the three most simplified steps known to follow for joining the Great Illuminati BROTHERHOOD for WEALTH AND PROSPERITY.

  1. Apply and pay for your membership registration
  2. Receive your Secret Identification Serial Code number (S.I.S.C.N) sometimes the “I” represents Illuminati
  3. Initiation and rituals ceremony.

[ad] • Join Illuminati TODAY – Text/Call/Whatsapp 0017073396803
Join the Illuminati and become rich and famous. Contact an authorized Illuminati master today. Text/Call/Whatsapp 0017073396803 for your illuminati application and initiation form…

Application: When you contact an Illuminati authorized agent online or physically in your country, you would be provided with a free “illuminati application form” which you will fill to make your membership intention known and reasons why you want to join the illuminati. I believe in the application form they provides contain some information such as commandments, ritual, and other rules you’ll need to know.

Secret Identification Serial Code Number: Upon reviewing your application, if you’re chosen among the thousand applicants, you would be requested to pay your “illuminati membership fee”, to receive your (S.I.S.C.N), which then makes you an approved member of the GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD.

Initiation and Rituals: After receiving your Secret Identification Serial Code number (S.I.S.C.N), you would be invited by the Illuminati yin yang master in your country, (that is if there’s an Illuminati Authorized Agent available in your country, otherwise similar initiation and ritual could be done online via distinct instructions by any other Illuminati Authorized Agent (IAA) yin yang master in any country.

In situations where the initiation and ritual are done online, their ceremony are common not to be held – which is the secret meeting among the Illuminati Brotherhood, where you would be introduce to other Illuminati Members, and as well know each other by faces, secret signs and symbols for members identifications in crowd, ( “The outer world” ).

One thing that’s common with the associated name illuminati is its conspiracy theories and misinformation about its destruction and killing, among others. Meanwhile by nature of its designation, illuminati reject and refuse human sacrifice. Rather the core of the illuminati was designated to nurture, protect, and help excel human inner potential for use and consumption to the outer world. Which proofs us more reasons why the Illuminati is so choosey, selective, and do not accept all application from new members applying to join illuminati.

A recent illuminatic analysis report shows that the Illuminati only accept an average of 40% application from new illuminati applicants, while rejecting and trashing over 60% applications. One known fact about the illuminati is that they do not accept applications from unproductive people. (PEOPLE who are lazy in nature, and feel working is suffering).

If you know deep in you that you’re empty inside, and trying to join illuminati online, you’re 98% to be scammed by internet fraudsters. The illuminati take to give.

For over a decade now, since the existence of the illuminati secret society, history has it recorded that most or majority of type of people illuminati accepts into their brotherhood are people in the society with growth mindset.

Some of these people are;

– Government officials (Presidents, Ministers, Politicians) for power

– Business authorizes (CEO’s, Founders, Administrators, and Innovators) for protections

– Professional Leaders (Doctor, Pastors, Pilots, Scientist, Technologist, Engineers, and Artists) for fame

– Normal People (Mostly job seeker, salary earners or employees, and others) for money.

*The “normal people” category above only covers a 10% of acceptance rate out of 100.

Which makes it slidely difficult for people in this category to be accepted as an illuminati member upon their first application. The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, artists, Politicians.

However, like they say; there are always exceptions in any case. Yours could be different, you could give it a try even if you don’t belong in such or any category of people listed above. After all, the illuminati application form is free to get. The illuminati membership fee is only remunerated when your application form has been submitted and accepted or approved for joining the illuminati.

Okay, I guess by now you might have learned something great about the illuminati, how to join, and some few of their benefits to the human species on the planet.

Last week, I had an O3T request from a Memoir premium seeker, who asked me in an O3T private message “how to join the illuminati”. After a long voice-to-voice conversation with him on the complete steps to follow for Joining the great Illuminati BROTHERHOOD, I decided to release a public access encyclo on Memoir that could help others out there with similar interest to know “how to join illuminati”.

In this 21st Century, with the power of internet, Illuminati have been able to spread its wings almost all over the world. Today you can easily find an illuminati member maybe one or two in every country. Although without you being an illuminati member, you can’t identify them. They’re actually everywhere.

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Mystikal ET0016

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