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How You Can Be More Confident and Get What You Really Want in Life

How You Can Be More Confident and Get What You Really Want in Life

It is going to be very difficult for you to achieve your goals and get what you really want if you are low on confidence. There are likely to be many times when you need a high degree of confidence to tackle something that you have never done before.

This is all fine. When you tackle new things you push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Far too many people stay in their comfort zone for their entire life. They would never take on anything that they had never done before. You do not want to be like this so you need to work on your self confidence and believe that you can tackle anything.

Irrational Fear

Your subconscious mind will protect you from things that you are fearful of. If a hungry lion is loose in the city then your subconscious will do everything possible to help you keep out of its path. This is fine because it is a real danger to you.

But if you have an irrational fear of public speaking your subconscious will treat this in the same way. It will help you to avoid every possible opportunity for you to make a public speech. This kind of fear is irrational and you may not realize it now but it is not helping you at all.

If you have these kinds of irrational fears then you will give your confidence a massive boost by overcoming them. How do you do that? The best way is to tackle irrational fears head on. Just do it anyway despite the pain.

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Force yourself to make small public speeches if this is one of your fears. Start with a small and friendly audience of family members and friends and then get braver. Learn the best techniques for public speaking and then put this into practice. You will send the right signals to your subconscious and your confidence will increase significantly.

Is your Self Esteem high?

Be honest with yourself here. What do you really think about yourself? Are some things good and some things bad? Do you really love yourself? Do you beat yourself up regularly if you make a mistake or for any other reason?

If you want to be super confident then your self esteem needs to be high. If you have a low opinion of yourself then you need to work on this right now. Write down what you think your weaknesses are and then turn these around into positive statements.

For example if you think “I am not good in social situations” turn this into “I am like a social magnet and always get what I want from social situations”. The reason that you need to do this is to create a list of positive affirmations that you can read out loud every morning and evening to boost your self-esteem.

Use a Physical Anchor for instant Confidence

This is very easy to do and very powerful. Think back to something that you achieved in the past. It needs to be something challenging that you are really proud of. Reflect on how this makes you feel and make the feelings really strong. When these feelings are at their peak squeeze your thumb and forefinger together to “anchor” the feeling. Now when you need a confidence boost in the future all you need to do is squeeze your thumb and forefinger together.

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James Flynn

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