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Mental Prison: How to Build a Successful Mindset

Mental Prison: How to Build a Successful Mindset

At one point in your lifetime, you might ask yourself why others are so blessed, happy or successful with money when you’re not. Depending upon how closely you look, you’ll have a lot of concluding answers fixed in your mind.

Break FREE from what’s Keeping you Down:

Do these common notions sound like something you feed your mind with?

  • They’re just more prosperous than I am
  • They’ve better training than I do
  • They were born into a wealthy family
  • They’re white and have more beneficial opportunities than I do
  • They already had the revenue to begin a business
  • They already had the revenue to invest in realty
  • They’re brighter than I am
  • They’re younger than I am
  • They look better than I do
  • They likely work harder than I do

The list likely carries on filling many pages as your mind may have possibly recorded before now as you read this… Money is the topic that renders the most notions and happens to be the devil is sheep clothing, followed by the issue of minds relationships. You might not understand this yet, but your notions are the pattern for your physical reality. If you knew that, would you designedly create one from the list above? Likely not I guess, as these notions are not supportive at all as they help kill your mental health and its upmost ability to create. Can I tell you, that you worth billions of dollars but just don’t know how to call it using your mind to manifest in physical?

These beliefs produce a truth that leaves you ‘playing’ the dupe, and moreover, keeps you right where you are currently. You’re not bettering your life one bit. Why are we producing these notions in the first place, when we understand that they’re not constructive in the least of its form?

The answer dwells nature of our consciousness. Most of us were told that there’s a universe out there and this universe conditions our truth and reproduces exactly what our thought passes unto him. It’s the common conception that we store in our mind that happens to us in physical life. Most of us get these notions supported several times on a daily basis. The consequence is that our consciousness becomes imprinted every day with the same old or rather say negative message we passed unto it and thereafter manifest to us the same way.

An Illustration of this is Prayer:

As the bible tells us to pray every day and tell God our problems as well as what we want him to do for us; while some of the prayer rules state that you need to be in a quiet place where you’re alone so you can speak to your God one-on-one for him to answer you prayers.

Prayer is simple our intentions and wishes passed unto the universe so the universe can reproduce these intentions 10000x folds and send it back to us, so our intentions and wishes can be manifested into physical or reality.

So if you grasp the concept of prayer, you’ll realize you’re passing out your thoughts or say energy unto the universe based on your notions and views.

In the meantime, as grownups, we’re not even cognizant that our life, ‘as it happens’ is constructed around a notion. It becomes a fundamental reality that we prove to ourselves in every moment. So how do we get out of this quandary? We have to take a step backwards and view our philosophies. Start by taking a sheet of paper and a pencil and put down all the notions you have about happiness, success or money.

Don’t think excessively, be spontaneous. When you’ve run out of your own notions, consider what others notions are about money. Then mark each notion with an ‘H‘ or an ‘S‘ depending if the notion is hindering or supportive. Hindering notions don’t support producing wealth, supportive notions do. Now, view your list and count every supportive and hindering notion. What is your score?

How many hindering notions do you have, and how many supportive notions do you have? Recognize that all the hindering notions don’t support the production of fortune. Now, take a fresh sheet of paper, and brainstorm notions that will precisely produce the wealth you’d like to have. When you’re done with the list, check out each of your fresh notions and produce a mental picture of it.

Hold this image for at least ten – thirty seconds. You might require some practice, but each time you do it, you’ll get better at it. Do this exercise in a calm, tranquil and relaxed environment, as this will help to transmit these notions into your consciousness.

Remember, notions are the design of what will manifest in your physical life. With a little preparation, you’ll be able to move onto the next stage, which is catching feelings with your notions (falling in-love with your dreams). Feel as though these fresh notions, that foster what you truly want to create, have really been manifested. That is how it will magically manifest into reality (Déjà vu).

  • How does it feel to be a millionaire?
  • How does it feel to have copiousness in your life?
  • How does it feel to have more income than you are able to spend?
  • How does it feel to give to other people?
  • How does it feel to purchase something without having to view the price?

Whenever you see yourself thinking or speaking a hindering belief about life or money, quit what you’re doing. Return to the place in your mind where you call up one of your purposely created beliefs about happiness, success, prosperity, and connect with it. The more you accomplish this, the more you’ll train your subconscious mind to think in a fresh way, a way that heads to living an abundant, peaceful, happy and favorable life.

Escaping your Mental Prison:
Escaping your mind which is often known as mental prison or rather mental slavery is the most difficult human experience and once an individual succeed in breaking free from these mental traps, their lives become more prosperous, wealthier and happier than ever before. Only through dedication, consistency, and hard work will you ever catch your dreams and manifest them to physical reality; thou if it was easy, everyone would’ve been successful by now.

It’s truly hard to catch what you can’t see, as you will only become who you’ve always dreamed to be. You must see it clearly first as white as a cloud in the darkest space when no one else can see it.

Note: everything you can possibly see with your two naked eyes is fake. As it was all only created by similar subconscious strategic plans as read above; which finally came into physical existence or rather manifested to reality including cars, towers, aircrafts, money, etc.. You can name the rest, as all those are man-made.

Therefore, if all of these things mentioned were actually visualized and manifested into physical reality which you can actually see them today with your two naked eyes, don’t you believe you’re worthy enough to visualized anything and make it manifest into reality? Offcourse you can, as we all possess those powers and abilities as humans.

With the help of esoteric knowledge, you can become mentally free and be able to conditioned your consciousness to live the most happiest life ever (Secret Inner Peace) which’s actually the route to manifest most of the things you desire in physical life.

“For truly I tell you, if your faith is as little as the size of a mustard seed”
Your dreams will surely manifest to reality [Matt 17:20] TMV

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