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You’re Never Too Old To Dream

You’re Never Too Old To Dream

I have an aunt, she’s in her early 70’s, very healthy, very outspoken and very intimidating. This aunt grew up in a poverty stricken home, she was however one the top students in her school, alas, due to financial constraints she was unable to attain any higher education. She got married at 21, by 27 she already had 3 kids.

She spent most of her life looking after her family, her husband, a prominent doctor in the area, would help out the poor without charging a cent. They both devoted themselves into looking after others and their kids became doctors too. But as the kids got older, they forgot their parents values, of helping the less fortunate.
They are now successful doctors but refuse to help others unless you pay them, and trust me, they charge more than and arm or a leg.

This aunt was in her 50’s when her husband passed away, she moved back home to her parents and did something which she only dreamt of. She went to University to pursue her dream of being a counselling psychologist. At 50, this woman went to get an education.

She is now 71 years old. And mostly takes up clients who have no self-confidence. She constantly reminds us that, no matter how old you get, you are never too old to achieve your dreams, never give up. She continuously motivates her clients to always try their hardest and no matter what, know that there is someone out there to help you. I’ve seen clients walk into her rooms, looking distraught, traumatized, not having any direction in life, but when they walked out of that room, they had a glow on their face, they looked forward to living again, they looked like they could survive any battle, and you know why? It’s because the woman who helped them, did it because she loved her job.

Growing up with such an empowering woman around me has made me realize, that no matter what obstacle I may face, things will always get better. No matter how many degrees others get, I will get mine when I work hard enough and never give up on attaining it. She also made me realize that sometimes we do things to make others happy, putting ourselves second in line, never caring about ourselves, some kids study medicine just to please their families, they forget about what they want and as they get older they feel that it is too late to change their field, to all those people, I want to say, it’s never too late! Go out there and do what you love, and when you do that, you will live a happier, healthier life.

Society has programmed our minds into thinking that after the age of 30, you can’t get married, its too late, or you can’t get a job, you’re too old now.

But we should be the change to that toxic mindset, and live our lives the way we want to. Without caring about What Will People Say!



A South African blogger who loves travelling, learning more about people, places and trying out different things. A food lover who enjoys sharing her recipes with the world.

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