Perhaps you’re new to (Thinkle Sponsor Thoughts) I guess..

You’re welcome to MEMORY BANK.
The only platform on the space of internet that pays you for writing your unique thinking. Or let me say the device you’re using right now to read this….. oh sorry i meant this 🙂 oops my keyboard is kind of crazy right now. What i actually wanted to write is this $$$ or this $R, if you ask me I’d prefer this $#Y, do you know why? Because its the highest and valuable currency in the world.

Ohh My God.. I’m very sorry, i actually forgot what i was even typing.
You won’t believe that mess you just read above.. the founders of this platform are making millions of $$.

That is Thinkle for YOU.
All you have to do is find any topic you have a UNILEX on, and can go crazy about, preach it on Thinkle by dropping a “think” while you live your day-to-day life. Those “thinks” you drop generates US$0.01 each time a Thinkle user stream it. @Thinkle this process is known as “memory stream”.

YouTube pays ($0.0015/view) to its video owners.
Thinkle pays ($0.01/stream) to its memory owners.
Spotify pays ($0.0025/listen) to its music owners.

If you do a quick calculation. You’ll agree with me that THINKLE is BOSS when it comes to online streaming & monetization.

1 Million YouTube views = $1,500.00 USD
1 Million Thinkle streams = $10,000.00 USD
1 Million Spotify listens = $2,500.00 USD

Ohh Damn.. I still forgot my line. It seems my mind, my hands, and the keyboad doesn’t seem to agree with each other.. Oh God.

Actually; I was saying… Thinkle is the only platform on the space of internet that pays you for streaming your memories; that’s your UNILEX (Unique Life Experience), then monthly you receive a paycheck based on how much streams your memories received overtime.

Umm this sound like the craziers internet platform I’ve come across.

Indeed, right?. You just read it yourself.
What are you waiting for? Jump into the sea and catch your desired size of FISH, if the fish you catch is small.. jump back in and catch the bigger FISH you desire.

We all have a thinking…
I just wrote mine above, which you’ve spent your time to read it.
Monthly i receive my paycheck from Thinkle as a copywriter; for writing that which you’ve just read.

I receive monthly paycheck just using (my computer and knowledge) no external tool.

*As a matter of facts; the device you’re using right now to read this…. yes, it was once a human thinking which finally came into reality.

So THINKLE is giving you the power to reveal yourself to the WORLD.
Therefore; any “thinking” you drop under a thought might be the highest and most valuable thinking to the world.

i- Because each time a user streams your thinking, Thinkle credits your account with $0.01 USD.
ii – Lastly when the seeker finally marks the [best thinking], creator with the highest streams cash-in addition the sponsored prize.

1 – THINK.

Never again lost a thought –
it could be worth million$$ from the other end of the WORLD. Thanks to Thinkle

*You have the option to share your thinking on social media sites, this helps greatly to maximize your streaming chances for being marked as the [vibration], your social friends might love your thinking on Thinkle.

*Also you have the freedom to answer the thought anonymously (provided it doesn’t violates our user terms and conditions).

*Lastly we highly recommend you read the Thinkle Monetization Overview to get a clear scope on how to monetize your memories on Thinkle.

Notice: As a Free/Unverified user, you have the privilege to drop maximum 3 thinking’s on sponsored thoughts. Learn more..


DO NOT feel inferior because you’ve read others thinking and you feel like you’re not qualified to drop your thinking as well. Nope, we’re not on social media where people are more stressed than should be happy, simply because they saw a friend’s photo sitting in a BORROWED Lamborghini car and they automatically feel like Oops.. they’re not qualified to post a photo too.

On thinkle we focus more on what’s in the mind, hence we are not intimidated by others thinking. We believe just as our faces are different, so is our thinking, feelings, thoughts and understanding. But does NOT makes us different as humans. So Thinkle’s goal is to connect those who think the same, feel the same, and understand the same with each other, to flow together.

Not on social media where you’ll have 5000 friends and still BROKE or sometimes fall in real-live, and none of those supposed 5000 social-friends will agree to help you stand back up. That’s where you realize life is two (one – with FAKE friends & one – with REAL friends).

Aboard the space of the internet, Thinkle is the ONLY platform that connects real human’s with the same vibrational match. That is to say, you connect YOU with the other REAL you who thinks the same, feels the same, and understands the same like YOU.

We aim to make life more worth living, than bored.

Welcome to THINKLE, the only space where MEMORIES are worth billion$. We all have that one thing to say, but sometimes we don’t just have the right person to say it to. PREACH it on THINKLE and let your BANK account testify.