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Balancing Love and Covid 19

Balancing Love and Covid 19

2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone. Of those that have been affected, are couples. Whether you’re living together or just recently started dating, whether it’s long distance or an everyday meeting, Covid has really put a dent in many relationships. So how can one cope with wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing from your loved ones?

One of the things that has worked for my relationship is communication, during the week I don’t get to spend much time with my boyfriend and mostly only see him on weekends or sometimes we make time for a small drive during the week, given our work and personal commitments, it’s difficult to balance out. But we do give each other a call every time one of us is free, even if it’s just to say “I love you,” “I miss you,” or “I just wanted to hear your voice.” Another way we keep our relationship going is by understanding, sometimes even while we’re on a call and if either one of us cuts the call, we understand that it’s due to work emergencies or family is around and it’s best not to speak in front if them, yes, we’re that couple! But we do end up calling the other as soon as we’re in the safe zone.

But what if you’re living together, how do you try your hardest to balance?

Office space is the first step to making sure you’re not in each others space. But not everyone can afford a big mansion with ten rooms to choose from, so if you have to share a room with you’re significant other, try separating the room into two spaces, you can decorate your side the way you want to and your partner can do the same to their side, that way you’ll both be happy and it might help with concentrating on work….for a while, sometimes sharing a room doesn’t help and you may have to use separate rooms in order to get your work done.

Another suggestion would be to keep a set time where you can communicate, my boyfriend and I have lunch and tea breaks set out through the day to give each other a call or message one another. Maybe have breaks every few hours or minutes, share a kiss here and there or even just making a cup of coffee for your partner can make you both feel happier.

Cooking together is also a great way to bond, whether it’s as easy as pasta or as complicated as curry (I can’t cook curry), anything that both of you prefer. Cooking is a great way to get some stress free time and improve your relationship.

Surprising each other with small gestures such as flowers from the garden or switching on the laptop while the other makes coffee, remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

And while we may never know when Covid will leave us, on thing that we do know is that love is in the air!



A South African blogger who loves travelling, learning more about people, places and trying out different things. A food lover who enjoys sharing her recipes with the world.

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