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Becoming a Perfect Wife and Mom Through the Submissive Lifestyle

Becoming a Perfect Wife and Mom Through the Submissive Lifestyle

Becoming a Submissive Wife

The keys to being a successful and perfect marriage wife and mother to your household in this modern era is to be a complete submissive wife to your spouse, and watch how your home would be glowing and shinning as the stars in the sky. In this day and age, people believe that being submissive means being used and stepped all over. There is a powerful movement going on where women should be completely equal to men; and I will tell you this right here, right now: women are equal to men and should have the same treatment and equality in every aspect of life. However, there is one aspect of human nature we are forgetting about: and that’s that men are designed to be protectors and providers, while women are meant to be lovers and nurturers. It’s human nature, not some sort of rules proclaimed by anyone. It doesn’t mean a woman can’t have a career or be the head of the household, but it is more common for men to do so. That leaves us with one big question here, which is: why would a woman want to be a submissive wife?

Reasons to be a Submissive Wife

I will tell you this much: a submissive wife is, nine times out of ten’ able to have a perfect and better relationship and marriage life. Submissive wives give their husbands what they need emotionally, physically and most especially spiritually, and in return gets the same respect in terms of protection, being provided for, and of course heard and loved like no other, “in this aspect; just one out of ten husbands will cheat on their wife’s”. Granted the submissive lifestyle won’t be a good choice for all the ladies out there, and that’s perfectly okay, but if you’re curious about the submissive lifestyle or simply want to try something new to see if it works for you and your partner, you’ll want to learn how to be a submissive wife, and trust me’ the benefits are endless.

First things first: This does not work for abusive relationships. Although you shouldn’t subject yourself to an abusive relationship in the first place, it can be even more devastating if you choose to become more submissive to your man. An abusive man WILL take advantage of you and make you feel more of a slave than a loving girlfriend or wife. Only respectful, caring men with a good heart and mind will be able to truly appreciate a submissive wife. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship or with someone who simply doesn’t appreciate or respect you, leave them immediately- especially before trying out the submissive lifestyle.

There are a lot of reasons why one may want to be a submissive wife. Statistics show that when a woman is submissive to her husband, the divorce rate and infidelity is lowered at a considerable number because both partner’s needs are being met respectively; remember, it’s not just about doing everything for your man, he will need to reciprocate the love and respect to you as well. It’s also proven that a submissive wife is more likely to ‘get her way’, without any fighting, nagging, or annoyances. Sounds like something that might work for everyone, right?

Misconceptions to Dump in Trash

You are not a slave. Always remember: a submissive wife is NOT a slave and she is NOT being used. A submissive wife is someone who is ALWAYS respected and adored by her partner. She is not a slave and she is NOT putting down the female sex by choosing this lifestyle. If you do not want to be a part of the lifestyle, then do not put others down for choosing it. There is nothing wrong with a submissive lifestyle, if it done properly and everyone involved is receiving what they want and need. At the end of the day, if you feel like you are being treated unfairly or not right while choosing a submissive lifestyle, it is obviously best to discontinue or talk it out with your partner to get on better terms.

As with everything in life, discovering a new lifestyle or making your life better takes practice and a little bit of help. We are going to break down a few of the steps, tips and tricks to becoming a great submissive wife to your husband.

Listen to him: When your man is having an issue at work or is frustrated with a friend, he wants to turn to you to let these feelings loose. The best thing for you to do is simply listen and hear him out. He doesn’t need you to offer up any advice- unless of course he asks for it. But at the end of the day, if he is mad about something he doesn’t want you to tell him he was wrong or what he should have or could have done. This will only make him feel worse about the situation. Say the least possible and just let him know that you are there for him with listening ears and comfort when he needs it most.

Ask him for help: Men LOVE to help their lady out. They see you as a ‘damsel in distress’ and they want to be the hero. If anything goes wrong- whether it is the car needing a tire change, the sink needing some simple fixing, or you need help getting through a recent death in the family, always look to him for help. He will love feeling like a big, strong man- perhaps even a hero- to his lovely cute angel. I’m sure there are more than enough things you CAN do on your own, but what’s wrong with giving your hubby an ego boost and letting him feel like a million bucks while you sit back and watch?

But do not take this as a habit, else you’ll end up setting him to anger in most cases as men sometimes love to be left alone because that’s the most time they use to think and strategize on how to run that beautiful family you enjoy, also and many other projects they might have set aside. So as his cute angel, you should’ve known hi well enough to know when he’s free both physically and in the mind. Then you can launch your attach, “hey baby can you help me with….?” and he’ll be more than willing to be the hero- to his damsel.

Let him be the provider: If his job can be enough financial stability for the two of you – perhaps the nuclear family, then let him be the provider. Men thrive on being able to provide for their families, and you allowing him to be the provider will make him feel like a big man again- and maybe even your hero, again. Of course this won’t always work for all family situations, but if he has the means to provide, then let him provide for you’ most especially if he’s willing to, and feel happy about it. That’s his dream, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Don’t nag: Nagging is not feminine, it is not enjoyable, and is probably the worst way to try and get what you want. I mean, lets face it ladies: nobody likes to be nagged and a husband feels annoyed and terrible when his wife is nagging him about something. He is less likely to do it after he has been nagged or yelled at. You need to come at him in a more feminine manner, and make it seem like you need him to do this for you. You need to make it seem like you’re his little lady and you need him to fix something. So instead of yelling and nagging, try asking him as sweetly as possible. Rub your hand through his hair or caress his cheek. Finish off your request with a kiss on the lips or cheek “at this point, you’re sending your request to his soul and not the person you’re seeing in front of you as your husband”. Come at him in a feminine way and trust me, he WILL respond without a hesitation.

Alternative tip better than nagging’ although this is crookish, but it helps sometimes. If all else fails, you can also shed a couple of tears “most men hate to see the tears of their woman, me for one I do this sometimes”. So if you shed some couple of tears he’ll feels like he HAS to do it to make you feel better. He won’t mind at all- as long as it makes you happy!

Attend to him: Once again- this isn’t you being a slave or becoming any less equal to him. Remember: being submissive should be respectful and great for everyone involved. That being said, your man is attending to all of your needs. When you ask for something, he obliges. When you need him to be your hero, he is happy to do so. He works hard all day every day to provide, and has vowed to protect you in every situation imaginable. The least you could do is attend to his needs and wishes when he asks. When he wants something simple like a beer out of the fridge or for his pants to be washed for work tomorrow, simply say ‘Okay, honey’. There’s no need to tell him to do it himself or simply tell him ‘no’. Attend to HIS needs, and he will be more than happy to attend to YOURS as well. It goes both ways, ladies!

Look nice for him: You are always beautiful to him, whether you’re in your sweat pants and loose t-shirt or that sexy little black dress and heels. But you need to make sure you are keeping up with yourself so he doesn’t lose interest. It may sound a little bit shallow, but that’s how most men are. I’m not saying you need to curl your hair and walk around in high heels and a sexy outfit all day every day, but keep up with yourself. Make sure your hair isn’t an absolute wreck, your eyebrows are done, and your face is freshly washed and moisturized. Try to keep up with your body as best you can. Take pride in yourself and he will be grateful. And when it comes to date night? Really shake things up to make sure all eyes are on you for the entire night. He will certainly enjoy that.

Keep the house cleaned: If you’re not working, then your job is to take care of your home (and children if you have any). While your husband is at work making money to provide for you, make sure he is coming home to a nice, organized home. And if you’re really in the mood to make him overjoyed and appreciative of you, toss in some dinner and dessert. He will love coming home to his beautiful wife, a lovely home, and a delicious meal that’s sure to satisfy his cravings.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a submissive wife. In fact, it can be a huge game changer for you and your partner as you see the both of you reaching new levels of happiness and respect towards one another.

I hope I was able to drive you through this journey of mine of becoming a perfect wife and mom living a submissive lifestyle. Build your home through this strategies and watch how your neighbors will start coming to you to seek for advice. Its a golden opportunity to rule and master your home by these submissive tips as a woman.

Emilia Ayuan

Emilia Ayuan

Hairstylist | Strategist @ Vero BEAUTY

Emilia Ayuan - is a hairstylist & strategist. Travels @ 41.33 miles — high

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