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Discover How To Express Strong Love Despite Your Absence

Discover How To Express Strong Love Despite Your Absence

Imagine being in a long distance relationship, how do you actually make him/her feel special romantically? Well I will explain that to you on this article. There are many ways to express love, but when it is done through the absence of one party the expression takes on an even more powerful meaning which most people don’t know. Most people wrongly assume that when the person is apart from a loved one, his or her mind rarely focuses on the other party. However in most cases this is untrue, “if at all both parties are actually in a true love relationship”. Otherwise; that should be the case, as their mind will rarely focuses on the other party for truth.

Show You Care When You’re Not There

If you both are actually in a true love relationship, then your priority should be to show him/her you care when you’re not there in actual time with them; yes, there are several different ways an individual can express love despite the existence of the element of absence.

Top four effective ways
The following are some of the best ways that have been proven to be very effective till current time:

  • Sending emails and love notes online is one of the more popular ways that most people indulge in today. This is made easy through the availability of the internet. Therefore distance is no longer an issue and neither is it a viable excuse to not practice this simple form of love communication.
  • Sending flowers is another popular way to express or display your love despite the element of absence. Some places actually have the standing order facility for clients who would want such an arrangement to keep them from getting into trouble when love is not expressed in their absence.
  • Having gifts ordered online and delivered is also another convenient way of expressing love, even in absence. There is a vast array of things that can be purchased easily and with the least amount of hassle possible, thus making it a viable option to choose from.
  • Taking the trouble to enlist the help of family and friends to help pass messages that express love whenever possible is also encouraged, as these people collectively will be able to keep in mind whatever is needed to be done in the absence of the individual who enlisted their help. This makes the intended recipient feel loved and remembered most especially.

Write A Hard copy Romantic Love Letter:

Romantic letters have been instrumental in many love connections made both in past and present times. Learning the art of writing a romantic love letter will definitely make a good impression on the intended party who will be impressed enough to be at the very least interested in making a response.

Expression Through Writing

A romantic love letter is designed to make the other party feel special and honored.

The following are some of the points that should be included when considering the format and content of a romantic love letter:

  • Writing from the heart and being as authentic as possible will help in the design of the letter’s content. Choosing words carefully that are intended to touch the very heart of the intended recipient will also contribute to the letter being special and heartfelt.
  • Mentioning an action or a word that has inspired the individual’s initial reaction to writing the letter should be expressed. This will show the recipient that the individual has been giving the action or the word some thought.
  • Thanking the intended recipient for the inspiration that they seem to ignite in the author of the love letter is also another angle to include in the writing of the love letter. Thanking the intended for the positive feelings surfacing and the sudden or heightened positive vibes that have caused changes should also be included.
  • Explaining the reason the recipient matters to the author of the love letter and how life has changed for the better simply with the presence of the recipient in his or her life even if it is through an online connection will help to further express the impact made and felt.

Writing Love Letters For Teens:

Teens can be very creative individuals, but when it comes to writing love letters they usually need a little advice and guidance or help. Though it is a fairly common practice, love letters for teens still present some challenges.

Pointers For Teens

The following are some tips on how to write love letters for teens:

  • A teen’s mind is almost always working on overdrive. They rarely seem to be able to concentrate totally on one particular task at hand. Therefore, some conscious efforts need to be exercised to ensure the teen in focused and that the right frame of mind is being implemented to write a love letter. Finding a quiet place and some time with no outside distractions will be of great help to the teens.
  • Writing out the letter, as one would in a real scenario will also be helpful. This is to help the teen put down on paper exactly what he or she intends to say. Also to be noted is the fact that hand written letters are usually considered more of a prized possession when compared to one that is typed or printed.
  • Don’t use language patterns that would not reflect the actual characteristics of the teen penning the love letter. This will not be a good idea as the intended recipient would be able to instantly pick up on the deception.
  • Avoid rambling as this would come across as silly and childish. If the teen intends to be taken seriously by the intended recipient, then the love letters content needs to be well designed and impressive. Stick to making clear and concise points that are complimenting in nature to encourage the reader to be impressed and honored.

As a whole, expressing love to your love once is one of the most impactful means of strengthen a relationship; which in this article I explained how to express them with the people you care about ranging from, “Agape love, Philautia love and the Storge love”. I hope you learned a thing or two and thank you for reading.

If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share. Peace!

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James Flynn

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