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Awesome Guides on How to Naturally Last Longer in the Bedmathics Match

Awesome Guides on How to Naturally Last Longer in the Bedmathics Match

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Imagine yourself – making love and still active, strong for more than 1 hours! Let’s face it for real – We all know the fact that we can’t have sex for a very long time. Everyone wish they had some powers to last longer in bed naturally, or maybe given some kind of potion to enable them to have sex for hours.

Wouldn’t it be a great pleasure that after the first round of the match, you wake from that bed, go open the fridge; take a bottle of water and a glass, drink some and as well offer some to your spouse to drink so that your mechanism can rest a bit while you wait eagerly to engage the second round?

I think we both know the answer to that question.

Oh yes, it’s the greatest pleasure ever. Sweet sex is the only thing money can’t buy. On this syrupy piece of article, I will guide you on how to last longer in bed naturally and some great bonus tips as well, just read till the end and I promise you might decide to share your salary with me every month, “haha.. just pulling your legs”.

Before we proceed, I just have a question for you. Have you ever had sex with your spouse to the extent you wake up the next morning and your neighbor greets you, “Good Morning with a smiley face?” Perhaps yes, or maybe no. But it’s my experience. I made my neighbor felt like she was the one getting f*cked, while she wakes up the next morning greeting me with a large smile on her face; meanwhile we’ve been leaving in the same Condominium for quite a longtime and she nor her husband has ever greeted me in their lifetime over the time we’ve been living closely together (Next-door neighbor).

Nine months ago during my vacation trip to Dubai, I gained acquaintance with a new friend in the plane whom explained to me his worst experience he ever encountered for not being able to last longer in bed, worst part was he said he tried both the natural and artificial ways on how to last long in bed, but there was no result to show for. During our flight time from Sarajevo International Airport to Dubai International Airport, we actually had enough to talk about concerning sex issues. Where he made me to understand that he has lost two valuable relationships of his; simply because he couldn’t satisfied those women in bed sexually.

When he said this, it immediately reminded me of my favorite quote, “Sweet sex is the only thing money can’t buy.”

He explained to me how hard he had tried to improve his longitivity of sex, but to no avail; including home remedies to last longer in bed naturally using some herbs stuffs and some artificial method like sprays and oilmen’s. Before we could talk much, our plane was preparing for landing at the port of arrival. Unfortunately, we were going our separate ways since we only met each other inside the plane. But then, I gave him my business card to email or call me whenever he has got the change so I could straighten his sexual life and smoothen his path into any further relationship he steps his foot into.

Two days later, I receive and email with a strange name, “Lyaksandr Tolya“. When I opened the email and reading through it, I realized this was the man I met in the plane few days back. While he was thanking me for the listening hears i actually gave him while we were inside the plane, on my end I was actually smiling and saying in my mind, “Oh life, such a handsome man, as wealthy as he is; but can’t last a minute in bed” But then i was really happy, he wasn’t ashamed to air out his mind to me that day when we were inside the plane. He freely and open heartedly explained his sexual problems to me without an iota of shame. Perhaps, I will say it was just God’s doing.

For being honest with you? He was actually looking wealthier than I am. While we were having that conversation inside the plane, I was actually having some inferiority complex in me, but he never thought to himself, “Why should i even share my sexuality problems with this stranger.” For that simple fact, he immediately find his space in my heart and I felt overwhelmed when I saw his email and was reading it with some joy thou.

In my reply to him, I mentioned some powerful yet simple home remedies to last longer in bed naturally, including this spiritual sexuality books that has changed my sexual life till date. I am a hero today when it comes to bed-match thanks to this ebook. Because of this, I now have sex, and I decide when to quit, NOT because I can’t last longer in bed, but because I am tired.

Home Remedies to Last Longer in Bed

Here are some of the simple yet powerful home remedies to last longer in bed which I instructed to “Lyaksandr Tolya“, which you too can follow to strengthen your sex life and equally boost your libido to ever-ready player as long as the whistle is blown by your opposite sex.

Option One (Before Match).

Offcourse just as normal usual match, before it begins; the player(s) must prepare for it. Why? Because they want to conquer. In this case, you are the player, and for you to conquer; you must last longer in bed’ not only for personal satisfaction and pleasure, but also to proof to the opposite sex that you’re not a weakling.

So these are the defends you need to set before match start.

  • Eat three Garcinia kola:

Garcinia kola is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family. Is a largely cultivated tree, which is exceptionally valued in West and Central Africa for its eatable nuts. Also known as (Bitter kola) has likewise been perceived as an indigenous restorative plant found in rain woods of focal and many west African countries.

  • Drink a 330ml bottle of Guinness:

Guinness is a dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. It is one of the most successful alcohol brands worldwide, brewed in almost 50 countries, and available in over 120. Sales in 2011 amounted to 850 million litres. Guinness stout is made from water, barley, roast malt extract, hops, and brewer’s yeast. A portion of the barley is roasted to give Guinness its dark colour and characteristic taste.

The combination of these two elements will automatically format and reset your engine completely. Consume this combination three hours before match time. Any woman you get on top of her, I will NOT be held responsible of whatever comes after that.

Option Two (Continuity).

To continuously keep your engine intact and stable for any upcoming match, to empower you last longer in bed naturally; as such to satisfy your woman in bed, I will again recommend you once in a while eat a hand-full of tiger nuts and settle it down with a full glass of coconut water (juice).

How I usually do it, is;

  • I will take a hand-full of tiger nuts, wash it clean.
  • Pure it in an electric blender.
  • Add a glass of coconut water (immature coconut to be precised)
  • Add 50 grams of peeled ginger (fresh)
  • Blend it all together.
  • Separate the juice from the chaff (using a clean cloth with very tiny holes to obtain pure juice)

*Keep it chill if you want (optional), then consume this magic substancious product.

Do this ones a week or twice depending on how hard and how long you want to last on that p**sy, if you ever have the chance to spend a lucky night once more with your ex, and want her to stay over for one more week. You can consume “option one” in the morning, and “option two” at night before match time. The next morning, she’s going to pack her stuffs to come for a permanent stay. NB: She won’t even ask your permission to do this.

You want to know why? She just want to keep getting that hit again, and again, and again, and again.. This is because women adore to be trotting like a manual vehicle; here’s how: you start her softly with gear one, move on her gently with gear two; maintain the speed.. the moment you hear, “harder baby”; immediately change the gear to three.. once you hear, uhh oh yea; fire to gear 4, keep a constant speed. Once you start to hear things like, baby I’ve missed you so much oh my God, just hit to gear 5. And if you’d consume the “option one” and “option two” just as i mentioned above, then you’ll have the turbo option; just light her up. The next thing you’ll notice is, your entire bed is wet. Don’t know what that is? Ask your female colleague at work.

Option Three (My Today’s Practice).

Honest truth is, you can’t possibly last longer in bed naturally till the point where you satisfy a woman in bed if your engine is not strong enough to run the race. Sweetest sex is when both parties are satisfied and happy at the end of the match. No matter how long you last in bed on a woman, if she’s not satisfied at the end of the match, chances are 90% your best friend will remove her from your hands, even if she’s your married wife. Believe me. Women adore to be trotting, even if you last 5 hours in bed, and she’s not trotted and satisfied, then you lasted 5 hours in vain. Except you just wanted to satisfy your selfish desire; “offcourse if its a one-night-stand, then its ok

The above two options has been working for me so smoothly in my flirting days, not until I got myself into a serious love relationship, then I realized I was just being selfish to satisfy just myself by lasting longer in bed without given a damn whether she is equally lasting that long in bed with me, “which’s actually the key to sexual intercourse” both parties must enjoy it together, last longer together, and cum together. This can only be achieved if there’s a magnetic love connection between both parties, not some sort of ex, or one-night-stand stuff. Then I came in contact with an old school friend few months ago who introduced me to this mind blowing sexuality book secret, for a complete sex experience and full satisfaction. After which I read this book, applied the trick as instructed by the author. I’d experience a twine flame with my spouse, then I said to myself, until you discover something new; never say you’ve seen it all. I was blown away.

What is a Twin Flame? Its sometimes discussed in terms of a “mirror soul” or “soul connection”, a twin flame is the other half of your soul. It is theorized that a soul can split into two after ascending to a high frequency. Thereafter, the soul lands in two different bodies. If this two people make love together, its a NEVER ending sensual experience, and are tantamount to last as long and longer in bed naturally as both parties decides, giving a complete sex satisfaction to you both.

You remember when I said somewhere above that, “I now have sex, and I decide when to quit, NOT because I can’t last longer in bed, but because I am tired?” Oh yes, it is as a result of this book. It thought me some fascinating tips and secrets to great sex that keeps you on top of your game and in full control.

With this powerful book, once you read and absorb its content. Whatever triggers you in a woman (if you’re a man like me), it maybe boobs, ass, beauty or whatever. The moment your eyes sees these elements in a woman, your third leg will be hitting his head from your pants, saying “Boss get me in action please”. My advice to you; this book is highly recommended if you’re in a true love relationship or married, because it help log two people together, to keep experiencing the same feelings when making love. So if you’re a cheat and don’t want to get attached to any woman, then this book might forced you otherwise.

Here’s how i trick my woman; when my third leg needs something. I simply call my woman in her pet name by shouting as if something entered my eyes, the moment she comes trying to take it out, I just grab her ass tide, while kissing her simultaneously; “She won’t even have the chance to say a word”. At that point, she gets in the mood instantly; while at the same time I respected my third leg’s wish by getting him in action just as he requested.

Note: Life is a give and take journey. The moment you start disappointing your third leg when he’s in the mood. That’s the same way he will also and always disappoint you when you, are in the mood. So respect is reciprocal in that sense.

Want to explore the great benefits of this book to give you the long lasting sexual experience in bed just naturally without the intake of any substance? Then my recommendation to you on this book is 101%.

Remember when I said you will share your salary with me every month? Yes, I meant it because I know after you read this book. Your entire sexuality problem will be completely solved and you will become that hero you’ve always wanted to be, and also hold the key to every woman in your hands, to decide whenever to turn them on and off.


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James Flynn

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