1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

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Earn US$10k/month streaming your memories.

Are you a passionate individual seeking knowledge or having knowledge to share concerning a specific topic? Well then, Thinkle empowers you to stream those memories into cash.

Your favorite YouTube creators get paid $0.0015 each time you stream their videos online?
Now, you too can get paid $0.01 each time users stream your memory online. Thanks to Thinkle.

YouTube videos owner get 1M video streams x $0.0015 = US$1,500 paycheck.
Thinkle memories owner get 1M memory streams x $0.01 = US$10,000 paycheck.

Producing a “video” to its finished product ready for consumption by fans actually takes a hell of time as we all know this un-doubting fact.

Producing a “memory” ready for consumption by fans actually takes no time, as your mind is your production house. You simply publish on Thinkle.

*Thinkle is taking over online streaming space to the next level, and enabling every existing human to generate good income for themselves just as many YouTube creators. See how it works.

Also you can visit Thinkle monetization overview page to learn more on how to monetize your memories.

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Please see TRP to USD conversion rate here.

Thinkle is saving the world by solving one of the world’s most biggest problem, which is; “Poverty”. By allowing users to stream their thoughts and thinkings on a royalty and on demand basis.

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