Learning How To Deal With Female and Male Intimacy Sexual Issues!

Understanding the basics of sexual issues in a relationship, one must first properly grasped before any assumptions can be made on its impact on an individual’s life. There are several different elements that eventually affect an individual’s sex life one way or another. Intimate sexual issues always keep you, “Not in the mood”.

Lack of intimacy on sexual issues has potentially caused many break ups from relationships to marriages, the danger of of this devilish seed will put you to regrets if you don’t identify them on time in your love and sexual life and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Its a fact many couples lives under the same roof, yet spend weeks/months without having sex. Which is very dangerous as far as love life is concern. It might interest you to know that SEX stands as a foundation in almost all relationships and holds approximately 70% of its stability.

A good example of this is when you hear a rumor that your spouse is cheating, and when you confront him/her, after the argument and so on, the moment he/she admit they didn’t actually had sex with that person, the probability of forgiveness is likely 90% just because he/she didn’t actually had sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. That’s how powerful sex can sustain a relationship.

Therefore; you can’t possibly convince me that if there’s lack of intimacy on sexual issues in your relationship, probabilities are its likely to cause a fatal breakup. If at all you don’re care about your relationship then you don’t need this book; but if you do, then this book will save your relationship or marriage by guiding you on how to eliminate those issues.

Below is the list of chapters that you are about to learn:

  • Chapter 1: Sexual Issues Basics
  • Chapter 2: Female Physical Sexual Issues
  • Chapter 3: Male Physical Sexual Issues
  • Chapter 4: Emotional Issues That Impact Sex
  • Chapter 5: When To Seek Professional Help
  • Chapter 6: The Potential Danger To Your Marriage When You Let These Issues Go Untreated.


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