1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

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What is the capital of Cameroon? ( Yaounde )

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Investor Relations

Investors are welcome to partner with Thinkle.

We are transforming the way humans access and use their brains by moving from a free “thoughts and thinkings” of human experience to a “valued-based” model allowing users to stream their memories on a royalty and on demand basis.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human thinking and creative mind — by giving to million of exceptional individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and dreams the power to live off their UNILEX art and billions of readers the opportunity to learn and be inspired by it.

Investors Contact:

Investors with question, query or need further information on the proceed to partner with Thiknle can get in touch with the Investor Relations department here or emailed directly via [email protected]