1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

1M Thinkle Streams = US$10k

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MMR GoldCoin

Henceforth you can convert your 1 Million TRP balance into a MMR GoldCoin. In this case where, one MMR Coin is equal to 1 Million TRP earned asset. Gold label powered by Global InterGold.

1 MMR Coin = 1 Million TRP
1 Million TRP = $10,000.00 USD

We understand the inconvenience of walking around with stacks of Cash, our engineers are introducing the new MMR Goldcoin which will enable you to conveniently walk around with just a piece of 100g MMR GoldCoin instead of $1 Million dollars cash.

100g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 100 Million TRP asset.
50g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 50 Million TRP asset.
1g of MMR fine Gold is equal to 1 Million TRP asset.

Please see the complete list of current TRP to USD conversion rate here.