Welcome to takido stock trade UI. This user interface allows anyone to buy and sell I/O assets, according to their time worth. All transactions are 100% safe and secured by .io/ seller-buyer protection.

*There is a 0.2% withdrawal fee, charged by .io/ payment processing system upon each successful transaction, during your funds withdrawal. We also promise a 0% commission fee on all stock trades transacted on Stock Market.

Trading Table (Live Stocks)

AssetPeriodSellerPriceRisk%Profit%Resell in 24HStatusMarket SignalActionSML
USDWKToby$100.007921$121.00closedlow ↓
TRP1K-WKOlga $8.007228$10.80activelow ↓
MMRMNBodhi$11,000.008812$12,200.00activelow ↓
2IOCMNHarley$40,402.003070$68,402.00activehigh ↑
MMRDYMessiah$9,500.005149$14,400.00sold out
MMRWKFlynn$10,735.003565$17,235.00activehigh ↑
USDDYEmilia$40.005050$60.00activehigh ↑
TRP15K-WKAbdul$166.001387$296.50activehigh ↑
IOCMNXavier$18,000.008614$20,800.00activelow ↓
TRP1K-DYLiam$12.001387$20.70activehigh ↑
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Important Resource

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Demand: 64% (high)
Supply: 36% (low)

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Data Description:
Asset=”item or stock being offered”
Period=”how long the deal is active”
Seller=”who’s offering the asset”
Price=”cost of the asset, offered by seller”
Risk%=”risk percentage to lost on principal amount”
Profit%=”profit percentage to gain on principal amount”
Resell in 24H=”reselling price after 24 hours”
Status=”current status of the offer”
Market Signal=”indicates stocks demand and supply”
Action=”displays the stock buy button”
SML=”stands for seller memoir level”

Profit Margin Formula:
This profit margin formula shows you how we calculated the “Resell price in 24H”.

Asset value, divided by 100.
Multiplied by, profit percentage.
Plus principal amount.
Equal to Resell amount in 24 hours.

100% money back guarantee in case of non-stock delivery within 24hrs by seller.

*All payments are processed is United States Dollars via PayPal, which allows you to buy .io/ stocks using your paypal, bank, visa or master card.